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The Sopranos

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bada bing!

This show deserves it's own thread.......

So, who's watching?!?!!??
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I keep watching even though right now they are all repeats ughhhh.

Looking forward to a new batch in June....
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We are about a season behind in Canada - I loved the 1st 2 seasons though!
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As you all know by now James Gondalfini (sp?) aka Tony Soprano is getting a divorce after 3 yrs. of marriage.

Hope success did not get to him.
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you know what's interesting, so is Lorraine Bracco (Dr.Melpi)

that made me go hmmmmm.......

her husband just filed.
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really ???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! well according to days paper he linked to a stripper to whom he was introduced by another cast member last fall(bada bing?) I think he just wants to play without the responsibility of a wife and child. Sort of sad - did not think he was that type.
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Don't have HBO.
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Love this show! Didn't have HBO for the longest time, so this whole year all the reruns have been a blessing for me.

Makes me homesick for NJ, though.
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so, should i rent the first season on VHS then, Deb? think i'll like it ?
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I think so. Helps with my latent aggressive tendencies. Plus then you'll have something to post about.
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Just read in the TV Guide that Lorraine Bracco was married to Edward James Olmos (latino actor). They are definately divorcing.
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OMG!!! I LOVE the Sopranos! I haven't watched any of the reruns though. My husband and I bought the whole 1st season on DVD and last summer we spent like 2 or 3 days straight watching all of them. Now we are going to buy the 2nd season whenever we get a chance. Are they on season 3 or 4 now starting in June?
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