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case of the Mondays....

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This is my first time posting here, I was led here looking for solutions to my current problem. Wondering if any of you could give me some advice.

I picked up a stray kitten about one year ago. He was so tiny at the time I thought he might die. But he turned out all right, except....

He is a very friendly cat towards me and others as well, but every time I leave for work he gets extremely aggressive. I emphasize the extreme. I usually have to lock him in the bathroom as he gets pretty violent, biting, scratching, the works. This is the only time he gets worked up, and I don't know what to do about it because I can't stop going to work! I might add that I leave him alone in my apartment, which may exacerbate it.

Any suggestions? I'm at my wits end here during the morning routine
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How about a playmate? My guess is that he's getting seperation anxiety because he's left alone all day, a playmate would hopefully help to reduce this.
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Do you leave a lot of toys out for him, access to a window so he can look outside? It sounds like along with the separation anxiety, he is getting bored.

Welcome to TCS!
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I'd also recommend a playmate. I kiss all my babies goodbye (except Nyan) and when I come back, they come out to greet me, but I've got no problems of them being bored as they're all together. For me Two cats are easier to take care of than one.
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Originally Posted by Avalon
I'd also recommend a playmate. I kiss all my babies goodbye (except Nyan) and when I come back, they come out to greet me, but I've got no problems of them being bored as they're all together. For me Two cats are easier to take care of than one.
yes, two cats are definitly easier than one!
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If you are not in the market for another cat (playmate idea) you can try a soothing thing like Rescue Remedy. When I first moved my cats into my apartment the noises were unfamilear to them and they acted out agressively and naughtly (knocking things over to anoy me) I found the rescue remedy took the edge off. I still ive them a little mit if i'm having guests over, Sibohan is a real scaredy cat, I also use it a bit if i'm going to be away for a few days. I have also heard of people who leave the radio on, for some auditory stimulation or even a tv tuned to animal planet.
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When I had this problem, I think it was Hissy (on this site) that recommended a high cat perch by the door so he could watch me going (he used to lay in front of the door and attack my feet).. My cat is very dominant so it made him feel secure to watch the comings and goings of the household from up high.

A cat perch with different levels is very necessary to a cats mental health as are toys, and as mentioned above, if possible, a playmate.
Mine keep each other company when I am gone and still come to give me kisses when I get home. Getting Lovey a brother (Rocky) was the best thing to do, IMO.
But read the article on cat to cat intros here before jumping into getting a second cat.
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I wouldn't recommend a second cat until you can get this behavior stopped. Adding a window perch will help. If possible, put outside, or attach to your outside window a bird feeder to distract your kitten. It sounds like typical separation anxiety to me, and so distracting this kitten that does not want you to leave would be crucial.

Look into a CD called Mewvie by www.kittymotion.com and right before you leave for work, start this in your machine.

Leave classical music playing all day on low

Look into the different flower remedies look into Rock Rose or Holly or go to www.littlebigcat.com and then click on their sister site for help. Jackson and Jean will also help you come up with a proper remedy to help soothe your anxious one.

Also keep to a schedule. Make sure you come home at the same time every day, and the minute you get in the home, drop to your knees and feed your kitten a special treat. Make a big deal about the fact that you are home until she realizes that this happens the same time every day. She should relax then

Good luck!
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Awww poor kitty, you're probably all he's ever known, he must be frightened/bored at home on his own. Cats are very curious animals and like things to be going on that they can investigate - leaving the TV on is supposed to help with lonely kitties. Also do you leave him in the bathroom all day? Thats probably adding to his frustration, is there no way you can leave the house without locking him in the bathroom?

Also, leaving toys around the house may keep him amused for a little while, like those toys on suction pads that attach to windows etc - maybe your home is too sterile (read:neat!) for a cat on his own.

Good luck! sounds like your cat is really attached to you!
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Thanks for the advice! I'm going to start to leave the TV on. Heavens no, I don't leave him in the bathroom all day long! Just when I'm getting ready for work.

I really wish I didn't have to leave him alone though...!
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