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Kitten and guinea pig

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Hi. I have a new 10-12 week old kitten that is just wonderful! We also have a guinea pig in a cage on the floor. The kitten,Smokie, loves to just go over and watch the guinea pig. If the gp gets close to the wire of her cage,Smokie swings his little paw in and trys to snag her.She just scurries to the other side of the cage. He will also lay on top of the cage and drape his paw down from the top and swing away. We use a spray water bottle to give him a quick squirt when he bugs her but I was wondering what other suggestions some of you may have...is it even possible to get him to leave the gp alone or should we just keep her(guinea pig) locked in a bedroom. She is in the kitchen now and gets lots of attention(about to have babies)...just wanting some ideas/suggestions.
He is definately in PLAY mode when he is doing this and he doesn't do it all the time either...we'll just catch him at it on and off.
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Can you get another cage that's larger and put the smaller cage inside it to create a safe zone?
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The guinea pig needs to be protected. A cat is a predator and a guinea pig is prey, and guinea pigs are very fragile animals. A bite or scratch can cause a deadly infection so that has to be avoided.
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How about changing from a cage to an aquarium? Then the gp can stay in the kitchen, but she and her babies will be protected from the kitty. Put a sturdy lid on top that kitty can't reach into.
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beckiboo! Thats a great idea!
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Thank you for the suggestions. I think I will look into the aquariam to put her into. I'd put her into a bedroom and keep the door shut,its just that she wouldn't get as much attention that way. She doesn't seem to be disturbed or upset by the kitten(amazingly)but I don't want her hurt either.
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