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Skunky, one of the family cats

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She lived a very long life, but my parents have a feeling she has gone off to die. She's an outdoor cat, and has been that way her whole life, all of 16 or 17 years. She was never a mom, that we knew of, but she was such a sweet cat, even greeting neighborhood dogs with a warm meow.

She disappeared a few days ago and hasn't returned. There aren't too many places for her to go to that are peaceful in the neighborhood anymore, but I'm sure she found a suitable spot.

She has been an amazing cat. despite all her stunts (sprawling in the middle of the narrow two way road in front of our house), and her clumsiness (fall off the fence and NOT land on her feet), and being outdoors all her life (few illnesses, at least that she showed), she has survived so long. She knew it was her time, and she did it with grace.

She will be missed.

Here's a old picture of her. My dad said he'll send me a pic of her from a year ago. The last one he ever took. he said sometime tonight or in the morning. I'll post that one when I get it.

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I am so very sorry Amanda but your right - what a wonderful long life she has had.... and gosh she is stunning

if she has gone off as you think then I hope that she passes to the bridge in the most peaceful way ever
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Oh my goodness!, what a beauty she is and she sounds such a sweetie

It would be lovely to know she had a new loving home, but take comfort knowing she will be safely over the bridge as well
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What a beautiful girl. Two days really isn't that long. She may still come home. I am sending good vibes for her safe return!
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everyone, and i mean everyone in the neighborhood knows Skunky's home is with my parents. In a neihgborhood where massive houses are being built up around this small house wiht the huge yard, you can't miss that place.

My dad has told me that she is always waiting for her breakfast, and she eats separately from the other two... in fact none of them will eat together...

the hoarder who lived around the corner is not there anymore, so I know she isn't there. this woman made me nuts as a kid. It took her six months to acknowledge that she saw my own first cat (and knew she was mine) get hit by a car. She wasn't a nice lady.

Our family cats have always been extremely loyal. They make friends with the neighbors, but it's breakfast at home. Blackie & Krissy, Lucy & Christy(mine), Fluff, Kitty, and far too many others to name... all crosed over and waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. Man, do I have stories about all of them. Well, not Lucy so much. she was my sister's cat... the one, that we know of, that the hoarder snatched up.

I'll wait a couple more days, but I feel it. When God was handing out emotional abilities and feelings, I got a double, or even triple dose. I can sense when someone close to me has died, even before I'm told. I've been feeling wretched the last few days... this may very well explain it.

I've known she was getting close for a while now. It's amazing she survived this long. She was certainly a one in a million cat. I doubt me or my family will ever find another just like her.

On a side note: I talked with everyone in my family last night... when my sister moved out of a roommate situation into her own place, the roommates let her have the house cat, Snowball. He's alive and well, and one very content kitty. She promises to send me pictures... someday.

Thanks everyone,
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Well, it does sound like she is gone. What a long life for an outside cat to live! Condolences to you and your family.

Rest in peace, Skunky. I'm sure you will be first in line at God's door for your breakfast every morning. Although it sounds like you have a lovely life here on earth, it can only be better in heaven.
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My deep Condolences Amanda..

R.I.P. Little Angel...
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I made a page for her on catster: www.catster.com/?227048

I sent my dad the link and he said it was a fitting tribute for her. She was such a love. She never hated anyone, not even neighborhood dogs... which was always weird to me, since by the time we were adopted by her, we didn't have any dogs of our own.

Skunky is an now... watching over all the other fuzzy loves.

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Condolences on your loss of Skunky - here on earth, she was a beautiful cat, with so much love for all. Now over RB, she will be adding to the beauty & happiness. You obviously have a very loving family, who cared so much for this cat that she beat the incredible odds of an exclusively outdoor cat living such a full life. And congratulations to your sister on the acquisition of Snowball, I hope that he helps fill the cat-size void that Skunky leaves behind.
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My condolences too. I feel so much love in your posting.
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