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Shelby's Anxiety

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Well we think we may have found the answer to our little Shelby's twitching and erratic behaviour. Our Vet said that she is probably suffering from anxiety. Recently there has been a new housing development going up near our townhouse. The bulldozers and earth rollers cause a great deal of noise and shaking. Shelby was a mess during that period. Once it stopped she seemed to get better. Then we had new neighbours move into the town house beside us. They had laminate floors installed which involved a lot of hammering. The twitching started up again. The week after they were done she seemed to calm down again. Now I'm really worried because the heavy machinery is back and ready to start building. Our Vet wants to put her on Colmicalm. Do anyone know anything about it?
Thank you.
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I know nothing at all about it... but I'll bet others here will suggest that you try some less drastic remedies before you risk medicating her. I've never used it myself, but many people here recommend the Comfort Zone Diffuser, which releases calming pheromones into the air to soothe your kitty.

Good luck with your little one!
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I second trying the Feliway Comfort Zone Diffuser before resorting to medications. It has worked wonders for my sweet Sierra!
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