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Do kitties like turkey?

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I tried to give Sluggo & Pandora some turkey bits in a little bit of the broth, but they both turned their noses up at it. The dogs gobbled, ha, ha, ha, it down! Anyone else give their kitty turkey? Do they like it?
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I do.. Mine love it lol
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My cats will eat anything. Since Buddy has a delicate digestive tract, they eat turkey cat food, anyway. Anything else messes him up.
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turkey all around here evan the fish will get some
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My current mob really don't care much for human food of any kind, though their favourite catfood flavours are the poultry ones. Previous kitties circled like sharks in the water whenever there was meat or poultry or salmon being handled on the counter, waiting for their share, and came back for more as often as I'd let them. Turkey was particularly favoured.
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Mik actually had a bit of the chicken I had for dinner. I'm surprised because he's quite content with his kibble.

It was Lex I was shocked at when he turned his nose up at it when I offered him a piece. Usually he's always salivating when I eat chicken.
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kallie wouldnt touch the turkey but she loves the turkey wet food for cats and she loves the gravey
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My two females dragged their turkey off into the corners and came back for more. My male didn't touch it.

The kitten was funny as this is the first time she ever saw turkey. She was scared to death of it at first. Did the little paw it and jump back dance for quite a while. Then she managed to get a drumstick on the floor and it was all over.
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Mine snatched it up very very fast there was an all out war
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I'd lose a hand if I don't give him the turkey fast enough. I think Em is counting the days until Christmas just for the turkey.
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They've never tried it. My Mum has never cooked turkey.
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Ophelia THOUGHT she wanted turkey. She was about ready to climb on the table to get at it! So a fixed her a little plate with a few bits of turkey...she sniffed it and walked away. She loves the SMELL and IDEA of turkey, loves the turkey wet food and treats, but apparently doesn't like the real thing.
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My Cupid won't eat turkey, but he won't eat much of any kind of people food except cheese.
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Originally Posted by Purr
My Cupid won't eat turkey, but he won't eat much of any kind of people food except cheese.
Yeah, Mik likes cheese too... I don't generally give it to him, but other than kibble, that's generally what his goes nuts for.
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Well, one thing is for sure...Lola LOVES her some turkey. I have not seen such a little, delicate creature inhale food with such vigor and enthusiasm. You would have thought that I never feed these cats!
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Mine gobbled it up
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Gandalf doesn't care much for it. But Samwise loves it, they didn't get any yesterday though. I went to a relatives house, but I did bring back some leftovers so their not out of the running for turkey yet.
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Sibohan would rather have fish, Duke will eat anything you give him.
Mostly around the holidays the cats are crazy about Stuffing.... when I rip up the bread in little chunks their little noses go crazy. I have to work fast at getting the stuffing finnished because no one likes cat fur in their stuffing and i'm sure that if I turned around one of the cats would be in the bowl eating bread.
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Sophie would at one time, but now the two of them look at it like it's unfit for cat consumption!!!
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McKenzie got her share of turkey last night. George got a couple of pieces simply because he would not go away and couldn't understand why he couldn't have some, too
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Harley was all over John's plate last night, so I took some and gave it to him, but he turned away and didn't even try it! I thought it was quite odd cuz he loves anything else! Maybe he was just full I'm sure that when I go home for lunch and have leftovers, he'll try and eat it all!
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Wow, It's interesting to see that other kitties turn their noses up at turkey. My kitties LOVE raw food, so I just assumed they'd like turkey. Oh well, more for me!
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My kitten will whine for anything I eat. I usually have a rotisserie chicken on hand and I give it to him as treats. I haven't given him turkey yet, but I'm sure he'll eat that up also.
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I just gave Abby her first bit of turkey, and she ate it all!
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Originally Posted by STLGRL5
I do.. Mine love it lol
....Monsier "Bonito" Do It! ......
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Jamie doesn't like it, but he's not a poultry fan. He'll eat chicken cat food if there's another ingredient like shrimp, ham, salmon, tuna, beef, or cheese. If I cook chicken for him, he won't touch it. ZsaZsa likes chicken, and sometimes duck, but not turkey. Miezi (our neighbor's new cat) was over scrounging today, and I gave her some turkey, and she ate it.
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Salems not much of a "people" food kitty but Isis and Ailey are. Especially Ailey seeing as how she was a stray and that is what she ate before shes such a lady though no snatching from her she will sit and wait for you to give it to her but she does makes this half whine half meow sound thats really cute almost like she was saying please.
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Gordo loves Turkey, he was very happy last night.
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My cats especially love the sliced, packaged sandwich-meat kind of turkey or chicken.

The cheaper the better, especially if it's smelly!
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