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I really purred over this site. I came here to meet more purrbodies. My human, Shannon, also admires this site. She may typo faster than me but she doesn't purr as well :P

I'm a 5 year old red tabby and white stumpy female manx. Past my kittening years (whew!) but still as sneaky and mischivous as ever

Send me an email or visit our site and paw my guestbook! I love answering stuffs.

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Welcome Tashja & Shannon - love your web site. Where are you from? Your site shows some Toronto stuff - I am no longer the only Torontian here? Hope to see you posting often.
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Well mostly. I am originally from BC, moved here last april. Well met adymarie
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Yeah - I'd don't feel so lonely anymore! (not that you can really feel lonely here!) There are lots of people here from the East and West coast of Canada, but I think up to know I was the only Ontarian! Whoo hooo!
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I think Ontarians are a rare breed. All the hussle and bustle of a province chalk fulla busy people rushing here and there makes us kinda batty (catty? lol)

Bcers are much more laid back. Folks around here say I'll get used to the 'big city' atmosphere but I hope not.
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I have never lived anywhere but Toronto (sad - I know). I have been to many other big cities though (Paris, Montreal, Cleveland, Las Vegas, etc). Toronto has got to be one of the friendliest places I have ever been. I love living here. I am not often downtown - I am an Etobicoke girl. Even downtown is pretty good.
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Well, not to burst your bubble.. but my experience of local folks has been mostly bad.

Being in the customer service industry some 12 years now.. my personal worst experience has been here in Pickering. And my second, third and forth worst too lol.

Folks in a rush seem to not give a damn who they step on or over. And whoa boy, if you inconvenience them one whit you hear about it.

My bad luck perhaps lol
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Let me then be the first to apologize to those nasty nasty Ontarians! We should send them back where they came from. (I think I am one of the few born Torontonians). Well hopefully it will get better. Maybe I just lucked out with the people I have met (& I am not talking about the clients I deal with of course!)
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I'm looking for my 3rd job since moving here now. Bad luck I think. First boss didn't want to give pay stubs, and decided to pass counterfeit bills. I quit lol. 2nd boss hired me at minimum wage to manage his store (unbeknownst to me at the time of hire). Didn't know how to run it himself, period. Financial idiot. Fired me when I took a day off sick. Lily livered coward lol.

So.. NEXT! Seeking employment to support my cat habit. (I want another)
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I'll let you know next time we are hiring. If you have customer service experience you should be a shoe in. The job pays well and has a great sick leave & vacation leave policy!
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Thanks =)

you can find my resume online... I'll email the link
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No prob - they'll probably do another hiring in the next couple of months. If it will be posted it will be posted here http://www.jobs.gc.ca/jobs/toronto_e.htm
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Wecomce Tashja!! I am from ontario too though....you and adymarie aren't the only ones!!!! Brantford is my hometown-woohoo! See you in the posts
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Well met falling_rain21!

I should invite all the ontarians over to my cat pile lol.

http://www.fancyfelines.net/cgi-bin/...rbox/index.php The Chatterbox

I have lots of fun things happening there
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Welcome to The Cat Site! I haven't really seen Much Ontarians on TCS. Alot of British Columbians, Though
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