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Peed at the Vet

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We took our Cat Pepper to the Vet a few days ago, because he has big bald spots on his legs, Well, he got so scared of the Border Collie that was in there he peed himself. He peed all over the person that was holding him, and all over the floor. He must have been soooo embaressed.
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I am sure that the Vet did not mind! This happens all the time. Last time I had Noodles there, she POOPED all over the table!

How is Pepper's skin condition?
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Well, The vet said it's from Fleas. He said to keep a cone on his head, so he can't bite and lick the area anymore.
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Poor kitty!!! Hopefully the cone will help him get better fast!
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The fur on his legs ia already growing back. Another thing is that he is so very itchy on his legs and he can't scratch them, so he bites and licks them.
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I just wanted to say one of my cats does the same thing. Everytime Sunshine goes into the carrier for a vet visit she pees all over the towel I have in there. I think its definitely related to stress and nerves.
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I think I have that one beat A month ago at a cat show, I was running some Oriental shorthairs for a friend. One was a kitten and his first time. Of course I had him snuggled close to me as to make him feel comfy and keep a grip on him. He got so scared going to a ring, he peed down the front of my shirt and pants I'll be darned if I didn't learn a lesson that day! Cats can pee when scared
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poor baby - no need to be embaressed - just think how scared the poor little one was.

When it was time to take Loki and his 2 brothers to the Vet to get them neutered, according to the breeder, Loki's litter maid Bacus peed and pooped in the carrier. They had not yet made it out of the drive way. So, it nothing new - it happens.

Just bring a towel next time - just in case.
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