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I think Tuffy is pooping blood

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Hi, This morning I went into the bathroom and noticed a bloody mess in the bathtub. There was a little brown like diarhea, some mucus looking stuff and what looks like bright red blood, the main spot was about 1 1/2" around with drips of blood in the tub and on the floor. I thought it was Missy ,our old cat because she sometimes goes in the tub for some reason but I happen to notice Tuffys rear end is all red and funny looking and there is allot of stuff in the fur around his rear end also. I tried to clean his behind up to see if it comes back but he cried when I tried to wash him like it really hurt. I looked over Missy and she shows no sign of any blood or anything around her behind.

Tuffy has been on zithromax for almost a week now, and his blood tests from his last vet checkup show he is anemic [sp?] and had a high white count. Could the zithromax be making him bleed? Of coarse its a holiday so I can't get hold of his vet and I don't know what else to do??? I am not positive it came from Tuffy I am only going by how his butt looks. The other possibility is Missy coughed up the mess. Either way I don't know what to do.
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I would try to get Tuffy into an emergency clinic to have it checked out. It sounds pretty uncomfortable for the poor kitty and obviously painful if he doesn't want you touching the area to clean it.
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I second this opinion. If Tuffy were my kitty I would go to an emergency vet right away.
Originally Posted by Yosemite
I would try to get Tuffy into an emergency clinic to have it checked out. It sounds pretty uncomfortable for the poor kitty and obviously painful if he doesn't want you touching the area to clean it.
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I called the vet office, they are closed today but they got ahold of Tuffys vet and she just called me back and told me to watch him close today and bring him in first thing in the morning unless he is loosing alot of blood then I will have to go someplace with him. There emergency place that covers for them is a long ways from us and big time expensive.
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I'm glad you spoke with your Vet and will have Tuffy in to his Vet first thing in the morning. Poor, poor Tuffy! This internal bleeding could only be exacerbating his anemia. For an issue as serious as this, I would be moved to get my baby into the ER Vet, expensive or not. Please do continue to assess him very carefully today and seriously consider having him examined by the Emergency Vet if he seems to have any increase in symptoms, shows excessive lethargy, or anything of the sort. I wonder if he should receive only his water and Pedialyte today to give his tummy a rest from digesting food?
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Something is surely irritating the heck out of your babies system could ver well be the meds. Keep an eye on him and all the best - it's hard to feel help less.

Please keep us in the loop!!
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Part of the problem is I am not sure the stuff came from Tuffy, It almost looked like it was thrown up, not pooped out. The vet told me to try and catch Tuffy in the litter box and put some in a bag and in the fridge till tomorrow. She said even if the blood didn't come from him she wants to see him just because of how sore his rear end is.

She also said to watch Missy real close. She throws up her food sometimes but I have never seen anything like this looked. Missy is getting up there in age so maybe I am worried about the wrong cat. None of the cats are acting sick, Tuffy has been acting better than he ever has. Its hard to keep track of whats going on with 5 cats sometimes.
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From experience with bloody poop and diarreah (sp) due to Food Allergies - to me it sure sounds like it was poop not throw up. Loki used to have that and yes, there always was a trail of blood spots on the floor leading away from the litterbox (it would literally drip from his behind) as well as a mess on his behind and in the litterbox incl. mucus. Bright red blood usually means that the lower intestins would be involved. My best guess, until you see the Vet, would be that the meds or something is causing Irritable bowels and the outcome is what you saw.

All the best to your baby
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Are there bubbles in the diarrhea? If so the bubbles and the blood is a classic sign of salmonella. Please, if you see Tuffy pooping air bubbles get the cat to the vet NOW-

Blood and mucuous can be parasites, a bacterial infection, or an allergy to the food. I would be sure the kitten is hydrated (use pedialyte) You can also feed either shredded chicken mixed with cooked rice, or cooked hamburger mixed with cooked rice to help bind up the stool. You can use a tiny bit of desitin ointment on a sore bum as well.

Good luck
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I don't have any advice, but wanted to say that I'm sorry that all this is happening and thinking good thoughts for you today. Good luck.
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Tom - how is Tuffy????
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Tuffy is going into the vet at 2:30 today. I have not seen any more blood anywhere but he has diahrea yet. The vet didn't thing his meds were the problem but I haven't gave any to him the last 2 days. I hope he don't have some kind of major problem that can't be helped. It would just break my heart to watch him waste away.
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i know - it is so hard when we feel so helpless when it comes to our babies.

let us know how the vet visit went.

plenty of huggs and kisses to all your babies, esp. Tuffy
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I just got back with Tuffy, We were gone most of the day yesturday so I didn't get a sample for the vet to check. but after she looked him over and the way I discribed the mess in the bathtub she thinks he has a fresh batch of worms so she treated him for worms again and also gave me some stuff to help coat his tummy and insides to help cut down on the irritation.

She also rechecked his blood to see if he is still enemic, She said he is alot better than he was the last time she tested him so thats good news.

They gave me a little break on the cost this time, Only charged me $22.80 for all they did and the meds.

I hope we have things under control now.
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You are doing a great job at keeping such a close eye on Tuffy. Your vet sounds like a very understanding person.
If Tuffy shows any unusual symptoms that you cannot explain, get him back in to a vet immediately.
Over the next few days...keep us posted about how he is doing.
Hang in there Tuffy.
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Thanks for the suport everyone, I am watching him real close. I am trying to catch him in the litter box to see if there are any signs of bleeding, but with 5 cats using one big litter box and clumping litter its hard to tell whats going on with just one cat.

The vet didn't think he had a bleeding ulcer or something like that because the blood I saw was bright red, like if I cut my finger and let it bleed in the bathtub. not old dark stinky blood. Plus when I said there was a little diahrea [sp?] and alot of clear looking thick stuff with all the blood she said it sure sounded like a new batch of worms.

She also said if he has worms and the med is working I should be able to see him getting rid of the worms but I am not sure what she meant by this?
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Roundworms typically cause blood and mucuous to be passed Tom. What she meant by her comment is that the pills that she gave the cat are toxic, so the worms will be expelled. Roundworms come out in two ways, they are either vomited up or passed through the stool. You can't miss them, they look like mounds of spaghetti and they will still be alive for the most part when they are expelled. You want to clean them out of the box, or off the floor, put them in an airtight plastic bag and throw them away.

Tapeworms look like live rice segments and they come out in the stool.
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Thanks Hissy on the worm stuff, I have been trying to watch him in the litter box but so far since all this started I can't catch him in there. I have been cleaning it allot lately to see if there is anything that looks like the bloody stuff but with the clumping litter its hard to tell.

Tuffy has been acting just fine with all this, in some ways better than ever. At the vet he was OK till she took his temp and that hurt him so much he bit my hand as I was trying to hold him and he cried out. He is normaly very quiet at the vet so it must have really hurt his rear end when she checked his temp.

Most of the redness and swelling has gone away from his rear end now and he moves around alot more like it isn't hurting him near as much as it was.

Is there any way to tell a cats age when you have no clue? The vet tech looked at his teeth and guessed about 3 years old, but the vet wouldn't offer a guess. To me he looks older than 3 years and he also acts older than that. He also has a bit of loose flabby skin hanging under his belly like older cats get, or maybe he was alot bigger at one time in his life. He is 10.5 lbs but looks thin but he is very strong with stocky legs, when the vet tech gave him his worm pills she made a comment on how strong he is.
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How about iceolating him in a room by himself with his own litter til he "goes" and you can retrieve the sample?
I`m wondering....could the clumping litter be irritating his already sore bottom??? (I`m only asking, as i don`t use anything but clay....but I do know that the clumping kind looks "sandy" to me, and I remember getting sand inside my bathing suit when I was a kid and it wore me raw between my "cheeks".
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Hi, I want to update Tuffy, He is doing great on his new meds. He sneezes once in a while still but not the sneezing attacks like he had. I haven't heard him have one of his bad coughing attacks for many days either. He is also getting a little bigger around the belly again so he don't look so thin, I hope this is a good sign and not a bad one.

But now or old kitty Missy is real sick, the vet looked her over and said she is good shape for her age. The vet thinks it just a cold or whatever it is called in cats, she put her on antibiotics just to make sure it don't turn into something bad. I was worried because she is almost 18 years old and its hit her alot worse than the young cats who had it. Her head is all stuffed up and she has alot of clear drainage from her eyes and nose. She is looking a little better tonite though. I hope this cold stuff don't keep going around and around in all the cats. Do they build up any tolerance to this stuff after they had it once?
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Lots of good health vibes and prayers for Tuffy!
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Originally Posted by consumercity
Lots of good health vibes and prayers for Tuffy!
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I'm not sure if this applies to you since you've probably had most of your cats for a while. But when I first brought home my kitties they both had coccidia and one of them was passing blood and mucus in his stool pretty severly. This can be a major problem in small cats because it tends to dehydrate them quickly. Make sure your kitty's drinking a good amount of water, good luck!
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I think Tuffy is doing great now, the best he has since I brought him home in early August.
I only seen the mess of blood one time and thats because it was in the bath tub. I only thought it was Tuffy because his rear end was all red and swollen. I at first thought it was from Missy because she goes in the bathtub sometimes for some goofy reason. Thats why I was confused about which cat the blood cam from. I never see Tuffy in the bathtub so I don't know why he went in there instead of the box. But I couldn't find anything that told me Missy made the mess. No blood in her fur by her butt or her mouth like maybe she threw it up.

Any way Tuffy is doing good after the worm pills and on the zithromax so I guess thats all that really matters.

I was worried about Missy because she was so sick, but she is sounding better and eating and drinking good so I think the worst is over for her also.

I don't know how to post pictures on here or I would post some of or little zoo we have.

Yvonne keeps saying how soft and smooth Tuffy's fur is compaired to the other cats we have. He is real picky about grooming himself alot since he is feeling better.

I wish I had a picture of him the first day I found him to compare to what he looks like now. He was just in terrible shape, I couldn't believe a cat could be in such bad shape and still be alive.
I sometimes think god made tuffy find me that day in the campground, I am so happy to bring him back from where he was and having to take care of him helps me on my bad days with my depression and other stuff I have to deal with, and the real cool part of the whole deal is he seems to understand that all the vet trips and bad tasteing meds are meant to help him and he don't treat me as the bad guy for giving him all this stuff.

I am the only person here he totaly trusts also. There is just something about him I can't put my finger on but the people at the vets office have picked up on it too and they all like to see him when he comes in. I think it has to do with how sick he was and they had pretty much wrote him off as never making it the first time they saw him, but he showed all of us how special he really is and Tuffy is the perfect name for him because he must be tuff as nails to be so sick and not act goofy in some way because of it.
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I'm so happy to hear that Tuffy is doing well, Tom, and hope that his good fortune continues, and he recovers completely.
This link explains how to post pictures: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14474
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Here is a picture of Tuffy about 2 weeks after I got him. The dark on his face is from all the junk that came out of his right eye. His eyes were open by this time. When I first found him his inner lids had covered most of his eyes.
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Awww Tuffy is adorable. Thanks for sharing his picture.
I am so glad that he is doing better.
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Poor Tuffy! Thank God you found him and have shown him what a life with love is like.
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I have a weakness for orange tabbies - thanks for posting the photo. He's beautiful.
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Our other 2 male cats are also orange but they have more white and not so many stripes. I think I might have pictures of them also, I will post them if I can find the pics.

I need to get some film for the polaroid camera then I can post a new pic of Tuffy. He looks alot different now but I don't know if it will show in a picture much.

EDIT, I can't put any more pics on without going over the limit on size. I also tried to put pics on the Fur pictures forum but it won't let me there either. How do some of you have such big pictures posted? Am I doing something wrong?
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