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The Night Before Neutering

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To this day, I don't know how Squirt knew he was going to the vet the next morning, but here is his story.

Twas the night before neutering
And quiet as a mouse
A six-month-old kitten
Planned his escape from the house.

The doorway was opened
As I arrived home
Squirt flew out in a flash
He wanted to roam.

I was very worried
I loved my sweet pet
But how did Squirt know
He was going to the vet?

I went out after him
Into the night air
I called him; brought treats
But he did not care.

I approached very slowly
Great care I did take
But Squirt took off running
And jumped in a lake!

He leaped from the water
Shot straight into the air
He walked on the water
A neighbor did stare!

She called to me,
“Did I just see what I saw?
That cat just went swimming
Never saw THAT before!â€

I agreed he was truly
A miracle pet
Although now he was looking
Quite muddy and wet.

A stranger came upon us
And called to the kitty
Squirt went to her willingly
He now needed some pity.

She gave me my kitten
And we went back home
I cleaned him all up
Twas the end of his roam.

So there is the story
Of my swimming cat
Does anyone’s angel
Hate the vet more than that?
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Deb25; loved your story! You have a true gift to be able to compose in prose beats the socks off of my simple naratives. I know you have or have had other cats beides your water baby, Squirt. Tell us more. "D" aka Threeleggedkat.
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I loved the parody here. Nice job!
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Thats a great one!! It gave me a good giggle for the night!
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Your stories have inspired me, I guess. Don't know why I'm feeling so creative tonight. But you're right. There is another little monster in the house. I'll have to give him equal time.
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Now, this is hysterical. Had I been present I would have been laughing so hard I wouldn't have been able to help you catch him. Cats are just so funny sometimes! Great poetic limerick!
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It's uncanny, isn't it? We can't hide anything from our brilliant cats! Funny verse, Deb.
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Dear Everybody,

Thanks for all your kind words. If I put a smile on your face (or maybe a little laugh), then my goal was accomplished. I really enjoy everyone here on this site. This was a "thank you" of sorts. I like to make people laugh, because it brightens their day. Biggest kudos of all go to Anne for this fantastic web site!
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Thank you Deb!

Your poem certainly cheered up my day!
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Dear Deb,
I think between you and Darlene (Threeleggedkat) I'm throwing my ab cruncher away! Thanks, this is much more fun.
God has blessed you so much.
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That was really cute!!!
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this is so cute! you should post it in the poetry forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Deb - That was just great, made me laugh out loud. You're really talented with poetry!
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I like the poem. I just have to add I really do think they know. I have a friend who's cat got out the morning she was taking him to the vet to be neutered. She had to reschedule the appointment.
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Thank you so much, I really needed a chuckle since I have just recently composed myself from crying from anger and frustration
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Deb what an amazing poem. I love it. That will be Rocky soon as he will be off to the vet with Gabby to be fixed up.
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