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Christmas Shopping!

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I'm Done!!!
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i haven't started!!
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i havn't started either, last Christmas my husband and i ended up doing it the day before Christmas and most the stores where closed so this year we are doing it earlier and are going to start this weekend.
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started , that isnt much since the most presents are for the four legged ones..
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Help!!! I haven't even started yet, i always leave it til the last minute and every year i say that i'm going to start early and it never happens. I'm doing some this weekend though so i'm going to try and get as much as possible but me and my fiance have 6 children between us plus all the family so i have a lot to get.
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Started about a week ago.
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Mostly done and have started wrapping. I just need to get something for my dad and a gift card for Mark. I'll work on my Christmas cards, this weekend.

Anybody want to assemble two tricycles?
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Working on it. I plan to hit the stores in the morning to catch a few of the after Thanksgiving specials!
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havent even started.

people might have to make do with home made stuff this year.

the only person my mums bought stuff for so far is the dog!
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I am mostly done. I just ordered my mom's pictures (YAY!!) yesterday, so now I just have to wait for them to come in!

Otherwise I have just about everyone done, with just a few odds and ends to pick up at the Thanksgiving specials this weekend!

I love being done so early, its SUCH a relief!!
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i've started a little, can't go though until after the's frusterating...
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I wish I were done...but I'm almost there!! I just have to buy for Jeff still
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I'm skipping Christmas this year, we're just going to lock ourselves away at home with lots of food and Christmas TV
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I'm not sure it's going to happen this year, with all of my vet bills. Hopefully, I can manage to scrape something together for my siblings.
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I have started thinking about it

I have done the ones for people back home but only because it takes a while to mail to the UK
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I started today and I have most of the things, its just the last little bits, you know the things you have to get because you think what you got for certain people doesnt look like much...? and a few stocking fillers.
Feels so good to have it so early. Ive never done this before!! I just want to put my tree up now and have the pressies underneath it!!
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I have two more presents to get, but I have them picked out, and will probably buy them next week, on a day when I don't have a lot of stuff from school to carry home on the train.
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I've picked up a few things, have others on order, and have most of the thinking done, but it will probably be close to Christmas before I finish, if I know me.
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I'm almost done...I just have three more people to buy for. Thankfully I know what I'm getting one of them, I just need to get out and get it. The other two, I'm going in on gifts with other people.

Of course, there are always the last minute gifts that I forget I need until right before Christmas but I'm counting myself almost done.

Now I just gotta wrap them, and put up the tree, and decorate the living room, and figure out what to take to Christmas Dinner, etc.
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i started ( yayyy for me cuz last year i did it at the last minute) but i am only buying small gifts for my family cuz i have to send it to oregon and who knows how much that is gonna cost and having to send gifts for 9 people it can get pretty heavy
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Working on it. I plan to hit the stores in the morning to catch a few of the after Thanksgiving specials!
Well, aren't you brave to shop the day after Thanksgiving! I did that once or twice, but ended up with too much spending. I know you can get some great deals, but I got too many impulse purchases.

I have two birthdays, Dec 2 and Dec 6 to celebrate, as well as Christmas! Right now I'm taking a break from housecleaning for a birthday party next weekend!

One of my current shopping difficulties is 4 kids, aged 22, almost 17, almost 10, and 6. It is so easy to go buy piles for the 6 y/o, but it is more difficult to keep it even for everyone. Not that they all get the same # of gifts, but I try to keep the money spent rather even in general!
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Haven't even started!!
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Christmas...haven't even started. I can't decide what to get for anybody!
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