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You are on the right track, and no you are not being mean! I put Chyna in her crate many times during the day, however, I also bring her out and take her outside and play with her. You can buy pads for the cages that are fit to size so they can be comfortable. We also have those dishes that attach to the sides of the cage for water and food. I put treats in those dishes, and keep fresh water available. Chyna is not neglected, nor do I suspect that Brody is. She goes with us when we take off somewhere, and we let her outside during the day to run around the property- she can't get off our acreage unless she goes down by the creek and wriggles under the fence. We have put a picket fence gate across our new addition, otherwise she comes in and takes my clean or dirty clothes and spreads them all over the backyard, or she eats the cat food left for the two barn cats. The gate keeps her away from this type of mischief.
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Thanks Hissy. I feel better now. Last night when I put him in it to take my bath I felt terrible. He looks at me with those sad little eyes. He falls asleep very quickly though once he is inside, and he snores louder than I ever imagined a dog could snore. When he used to sleep in the living room I could hear him back in my room

I saw those pads you are mentioning at Petsmart. For now I have 2 blankets folded up so he is nice and comfy. After the holidays pass I am going to buy a couple of the pads to put down instead of the blankets. I thought 2 would be good so we have a spare in case one needs to be washed.

Brody gets himself into mischief just like your Chyna He drags things all over the place inside the house.
I can't let him outside by himself though. He really hates to be alone outside. At first he hated being out there period, now he just hates it if he gets stuck out there by himself. I think he feels we are going to leave him out there and not come back. We also have an inground swimming pool, and I have read that because of the type of dog he is he will not be able to swim. I don't want to take any chances.
I do take him out to play a couple of times a day. I have to watch his energy level because of the heart worms so we don't spend a great deal of time playing. He has so much fun though that I can't imagine preventing him from having any play time for 7 months.
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It sounds as if you and Brody are doing wonderful at the training...
I read the latest sicky thread and hope he is doing much better.

And no, you are not being mean....With dogs, you need to be firm and consistent. Crating IS the best preventive. Its meant to keep your dog safe while you can't watch him. Its the best thing for him.
I disagree with Hissy on taking a dog over to his crate when he has acted up, but we all have different methods. I don't want a dog to associate you using your corrective MAD voice with his crate. And dogs simply do not understand things like 15 minute time-outs. This isn't how they process good and bad behaviour. This is what I have learnt under the tutelage of several trainers anyway..

But as a preventive, a housebreaking tool and a safe den, I think its perfect.
You keep going, girl!!

Kisses and skritches to Brody.
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Tanya, how are things with Sir Brody? Is he feeling better? How is the training going?
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Originally Posted by squirtle
We also have an in ground swimming pool, and I have read that because of the type of dog he is he will not be able to swim. I don't want to take any chances.
I've read that, too, but I've never actually seen a satisfactory explanation. Some dogs won't stay outside because they're afraid they're "missing something" inside. Others who were kept exclusively outdoors, and then learned the comforts of indoor living, seem afraid that they'll have to forego those comforts if they don't object to being outdoors.
As far as crate training is concerned, I've never used it, though I've confined puppies to playpens, but I have seen how my mom's dog reacts to a crate. My sister crate-trained a puppy, and once he got past the chewing stage, she was going to get rid of the crate. My mom said she'd take it, and stored it in the cellar recreation room. One of her dogs immediately started sleeping in the crate (the door has been removed), which we now refer to as "Kano's cave". He seems to feel very safe there. I suppose it replaces a "wolf's lair" for many dogs.
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