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I don't know what kind of doggie he is but he sure is cute.:
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Aren't French bulldogs usually black, with "bat ears", and shorter-snouted? I'd say "mixed breed", and adorable!
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Originally Posted by jcat
Aren't French bulldogs usually black, with "bat ears", and shorter-snouted? I'd say "mixed breed", and adorable!
His snout is very short. The picture doesn't really show it well. As my Dad describes him, he looks likes he's walked into a door over and over and smashed his face in
I looked at some pics of the frech bulldogs online and he does look a lot like them, the lighter colored ones, but there's part of him that doesn't. It's hard to tell. We have looked at so many pictures online trying to figure it out but that is what he most looks like. Yesterday I thought he looked like a pug-mix but now I am not so sure.

We had another hissing incident earlier this evening. We were walking him around the backyard and while we were out Dori walked over to the sliding glass door to look out. I kept him on a leash while we came in so he wouldn't attack her and she would stay son the floor. It worked for a few minutes but as soon as we took the leash off he ran after her, she hissed and jumped over the baby gate and has been hiding under the bed since.

I don't like her hiding under the bed Should I just leave her alone while she is there? I hope she doesn't decide to stay there permanently. I feel guilty that she doesn't feel she can roam free in her home, but I am doing everything I can to give her adequate room away from the dog.
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I think he's gorgeous! And that you should call him `Lucky'.!

And Dori will come round - I know you've got the baby gate but a Feliway diffuser might help, too. It's tough for her right now, but she loves you, she knows you love her, and she'll be a good resiliant kitty kat and come round eventually!
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Frenchies come in many other colors than black. I still say frenchie. There is some variation in the breed between show and pet quality, like with any other breed. He may be a bad pet quality frenchie, or a poorly bred speciman from someone who wanted to make money off the frenchie breed, but I still claim frenchie
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He's cute, Tanya! Poor little Dori. You guys are definitely on the right track, I'm sure it will just take some time. I agree with your feelings to let Dori be when she feels like taking refuge under the bed. You may just want to sit down on the floor and talk gently to her, read softly, perhaps catch up some of your studies, even!

I know it's breaking your heart to see her upset, but you're doing the best you know to do right now. Snuggles to Dori from us, and big hugs to her Mommy during this time of transition
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I don't know what breed he is but he is sooooo cute!!!
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I think he is a French Bulldog as well. We have had dogs & cats together for 2 years. To this day Twitch still gets a running start & attacks the dogs every once in a while. I have heard that it takes a month or more for some dogs & cats to like each other. They may never live in perfect harmony, but most of them get along. Its when the dogs get too close to the litter pan that the cat goes crazy...
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Originally Posted by white cat lover
I think he is a French Bulldog as well. We have had dogs & cats together for 2 years. To this day Twitch still gets a running start & attacks the dogs every once in a while. I have heard that it takes a month or more for some dogs & cats to like each other. They may never live in perfect harmony, but most of them get along. Its when the dogs get too close to the litter pan that the cat goes crazy...
Jeesh! A month? I WISH it had only taken a month - been nearly five months in my place and they still can't stand the dogs.... and Sashka has taken to pooping on the bed the last few days (I think out of outraged protest... )
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We have all ready made some progress.

Last night at around 2am I was awoken by kitty headbutts and purring in my face. I was so happy that she wasn't upset with me anymore. She stayed in bed with me for the rest of the night. When we got up this morning I brought her into the kitchen, fiance had taken the dog outside, and gave her her wet food for breakfast. She wasn't comfortable eating in the kitchen so I brought her bowl back to my room for her to eat. I went back to the kitchen to put down the dogs food and let the dog inside and I went around the corner to see Dori sitting there on the table in the kitchen watching the dog eat! I was so suprised but didn't make a big deal out of it. I just kind of ignored them. She sat there for awhile then went and sat in the dining room window, with the dog right near her. They both seemed to be ignoring eachother for the most part which I think is good for now because the dog seems to be getting used to seeing a cat.
Also, I brought the dog outside a couple of hours later and as I was about to bring him in I saw Dori sitting near the sliding glass door. I stood there with the dog for a moment to see what Dori would do and she walked closer to the glass. I opened the door just a bit and they sniffed eachother through the crack! I think this is great progress for the only being the 3rd day right?

I am wondering, the dog is going to the vet for a check up in a week. How long do I need to wait before neutering him? My signs are still out, and if he is purebred I am worried he might be used for breeding.... I just don't know how long I have to wait for someone to claim him before doing so. I keep thinking if someone had Dori when she was lost I would feel sad if they claimed her for their own. So I am very torn about this. Any ideas?
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How long has he been with you again? I'd wait a month, and if no one claims him, neuter him. I think that's a reasonable amount of time. Even if he was owned by a show breeder (in which case, he'd likely be microchipped), they'd likely just be happy to know he's safe and sound after such a length of time, never mind his twig and berries.

Good luck.
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Thanks, that's exactly what I was thinking. He has been here since Wednesday night. I am going to wait until January to have it done. In the mean time though I am definately going to get him a check up. I am a little worried with his eye. He doesn't act like an older dog at all and I was reading up on cataracts in younger dogs. They are caused my diabetes, malnutrition, or injury. I want to make sure he isn't diabetic and doesn't need medication. He isn't chipped... The whole situation just seems so odd to me. I wish I knew where he came from and how he got out in the streets.
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Looking at the links Ravyn posted, I have to agree that he's a French bulldog. I've only seen black ones here.
My suspicion is that this dog was abandoned, because of the lack of a collar, the rope around his neck, and his being found right before a long holiday weekend. Many cruel will simply tie their pets to a convenient pole on their way out of town, because they can't be bothered boarding the pet or finding a pet sitter. He might have been abandoned because he's not completely housebroken, too. Often a dog will manage to free himself, and end up under the wheels of a car or truck.
He may not have a cataract, but a herpes infection. Dogs with "bulging" eyes seem to be a bit prone to them, and they can mimic cataracts. Luckily, they're easily diagnosed and treated with drops or salve, though they can take a while to clear up, and may recur. The vet should be able to give you an idea of his age. I think waiting a month before having him castrated sounds reasonable.
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I don't have any wisdom to add here, but did want to say I'm glad Dori seems to be feeling better about the whole situation, and that your little doggie friend is a cutie. I also think it's wise to wait until January to neuter him -- just in case some distraught human parents turn up, who would not have wanted that. That should be quite enough time, though. By that time, if they do come out of the woodwork, they should just be happy that he's still alive and has found a family to care for him.
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Well things are going better than I ever thought they would. I just put the Christmas tree up with the help of both Dori and Brody (the dog's new name ). Dori hung out with us the entire time. There was one point where she wanted to get down on the floor by the tree and Brody chased her back over the baby gate. I let them do their thing but once she was in our room I went back and picked her up and carried her back to the living room so she could sit on the back of the couch where the dog can't reach her.

Then a few minutes ago Dori was leaving to go back over the baby gate so she could go to our room and she hesitated a moment before jumping. Brody walked over and they sniffed eachother for a moment! I was very impressed.
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Tanya, you guys have such big hearts to take this little guy in.

I'm sure you are, but any time Brody chases Dori, be sure to let him know that is unacceptable. Dogs are pack animals, and do respond to discipline like a loud "No! Bad dog!" I would also say that as soon as he's neutered to sign up for an obedience course (I know they offer them at Petsmart). From your description of him being dominant, unneutered, not housebroken, and basically having no training (leash, particularly), as well as having a bad eye...well, I have to wonder if he isn't from a puppy mill. When the dogs outlast their purpose they are often abandoned to fend for themselves. At the very least, I do have to wonder if he wasn't abandoned because of his behavioral issues by someone who didn't know how to deal with him.
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I am definately thinking that obedience training would be good for him. I am having a very hard time getting him to listen to me. When he chases Dori I say loudly and firmly "NO Brody, Come here" he doesn't even acknowledge I said anything until Dori is out of reach and then he comes over. I honestly do not know much about training dogs at all. The house training is going well though, that is a plus.
I think what Tricia said made a lot of sense about his eye. Maybe it is not a cataract and is herpes instead. Originally I assumed it was a cataract and thought he was an old dog. Now I really don't think he is very old at all. I know he ovbiously isn't a puppy, but he sure acts like one.
The leash training is a problem. We were going to take him with us tonight to watch the light boat parade, but we couldn't get him to walk with the leash. It was frustrating, but funny. We had him in the front yard on the leash and he literally rolls onto his back and plays dead to keep from having to walk. He crosses his paws over the leash while he is laying like that preventing you from pulling the leash up to pull him over. I think he has definately practiced this trick a time or two
It is very hard to have taken this dog in on no notice. I truly am not a dog person. We had dogs when I was a kid but I really wasn't interested in having one as an adult. I was very happy with it just being Dori and there have been a few times today that I felt like keeping him was a mistake. I know it will pass once we have all been able to adjust to such a big change, but it isn't easy.
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I've never tried this, but saw it on animal planet. Someone had adopted a shelter dog who had lots of naughty habits. The trainer told them to cross their arms and look up at the sky when the dog began to misbehave. I wonder if that would work with the leash trick Brody is doing?

Another thing would be for one of you to hold a treat and call Brody, while the other person walks him on a leash towards the treat. I did teach my Akita to walk on a leash nicely by walking her up and down the 30 ft hallway inside. I just could not get her to understand to walk close by outside! Now she does very well.

Sitting is a position of submission. The more you can get Brody to sit (ex before treats, before meals), the better. Get a book on dog training, and start teaching him some tricks. It reinforces your dominance over him, and he will love making you happy.

You are so nice to make a place in your life for this little doggy.
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oh my goodness he is so cute!
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It's a big change for all of you, but it sounds as if you're all, especially Dori, adapting very well. After all, Brody hasn't even been there a week. One reason he may not be listening is that he hasn't realized that Brody is his new name, though most dogs should know the word "no". It's possible that his previous owners gave him no obedience training whatsoever, or used another word. Our neighbors, for some reason, use "phooey" with Aki (the Greyhound), rather than "no". I've always used "no" with him, and he listens to that, but they speak German with him, and he won't react to "nein".
Obedience classes would be a good idea, once he's had his shots and his eye looked at.
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Oh he is small and adorable. Id keep him if no one claimed him. Im glad they seem to be doing better together. YOU are doing AWESOME!!
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What a CUTIE!
and I am NOT a dog person
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Finally catching up on your puppy story. You were so nice to take this dog in. I think the Dori/Brody relationship sounds promising, especially so early.
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What a little cutie! Brody is a wonderful name!
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Thanks for all of the comments and wonderful advice you have all given. I really appreciate it

Things still seem to be going well. I spent the day cleaning yesterday so last night I was relaxing on the couch trying to spend some time with the dog and I heard Dori hop over the gate to come into the living room as well. I told Brody firmly to stay put where he was and he did! This was a first since he has been there, every other time he has taken off after poor Dori. Dori just walked in and sat down in the corner of the room watching Brody. I told Brody again to stay, which he did so I gave him a treat. He continued to stay put until Dori started chattering at him, then he ran after her and she darted over the baby gate. I said "Brody NO, bad dog" and made him lay down. It was too late at that point to prevent it but I wanted to try to get him to understand he can't chase her.
Last night when we went to bed Brody kept barking from the living room. I had to get up several times to tell him to hush and lay down in his bed. This must have gone on for an hour at least. We took him out twice thinking maybe he had to use the bathroom, but I think he wanted attention. We just can not take the baby gate down yet so he can't come down the hall to sleep in our room. After him and Dori get used to eachother we plan to take the gate down and only use it to block 1 room for Dori. But for now, I don't know of anything else to do. He has 1/2 of the house so it is not like he is lacking any space he has plenty of it. I think it's just our company he wants at night.
This morning I got up and fed Dori and was taking Brody out when I noticed he had gotten sick (diahrea) all over his blanket. I had to clean up the floor (thank goodness they are wood) and wash his blanket at 5am! He seemed fine though this morning, so hopefully it was nothing serious.
Him and Dori both have vet appointments at 9:30 Saturday. Dori for her annual exam and shots and Brody for a check up and shots I don't really know what they need to do with him since I don't know his history. I am very eager to get his eye checked out and find out an approximate age for him.
Training him is not very easy. I know it's only been 5 days but it seems like he just doesn't want to listen. He does something good, and I prase him and give himt reats, but then it seems like we go backwards instead of forwards. I am not expecting a miracle, I know this little guy is in a strange place and I have no idea where he came from. I am being as patient as I can with him, but as I mentioned before, I am truly not a dog kind of person. Brody has grown on me though and I will do anything to make sure he is safe and I know this is going to eventually work out and be fine. I am impressed with the progress of him and Dori getting along, I am so proud of my girl But there's a part of me that in a way wishes his owners would call and are wonderful people. I hope this doesn't make me a terrible person. These feeling do not in any way hinder my care for him. I set the time aside to cuddle and play with him, and work with him on the leash training, it's just a feeling I get. I have been overburdened with school and work in these past few weeks, the next 2 weeks I have a lot on my plate in that department and I think I am just feeling overwhelmed.
Wow, sorry for writing a novel to you guys
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Oh, what your feeling is perfectly natural!!! You are definitely not a bad person....!!! I hope that things work out for you and Dori!
If Brody does become a part of your family you will feel at peace with that decision.
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I concur with a possible BYB/poorly bred Frenchie as well...And this makes sense when I heard of the circumstances under which he was found. POOR baby! I am so glad he has found you and Dori to take him in..
Here is a link to introduce you to the stubborn clownish nature of the FB.

Also, Cataracts are one of the common health concerns for FB's.

Hope that helps!
I would enroll him in a training class right away as others mentioned!

Dogs have much different needs than cats and you should brush up on training methods, and pack hierarchy in dogs just for your own sanity

I would suggest a crate for nighttime. It allows the dog to sleep in your room and offers him that comfort of being with his pack, but you know that both he and Dori are safe then. Also, do not attend to him several times a night seeing what he needs. He will soon learn that he has you trained otherwise.
A simple "hush" and ignoring is the best method. But there is so much to know about the dog world that I just suggest you do some research so that you can have the best relationship possible...

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Aww You are doing so well. I think your doing all the right things with training Brody. Our Beagle will have good days when she listens and bad days. And for a Beagle food is a great motivator. Maybe Brody had the runs just from a change in his food.
I think the crate training for night is a wonderful idea. That way he can be in with you at night and wont "cry" so much. When Daisy was a puppy when we first brought her home thats what we did so she would feel close to us.
I look forward to your updates.
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As far as the housebreaking, I actually think he may have been trained wherever he was before, then just got off track with a sudden change in homes. He didn't have any accidents for 2 days/ nights in a row, and last night was just because he is sick. I say this, but the real truth will be found when I get home from work today. He was let out at 7:30 when my fiance left for work to use the bathroom, and he will be inside until 4:30 when I get home and can let him out. Of course I understand that he isn't at fault if he had an accident being stuck inside all this time. We have all wood floors so it is an easy clean up.
The crate, is that usually used strictly for housebreaking? If so, we might not need it since as I mentioned things are going well in that department. I was hoping him and Dori would get along soon so that I could take the baby gate down. To be honest, the crates I looked at in Petsmart were quite pricey and with the vet visits and Christmas it might be a little tough.
I definately need to do some research about owning a dog. I know nothing about raising one at all.
Thank you so much for the link to that website as well I love the way all of the websites about French Bulldogs describe them as being big clowns. He is absolutely one of them! He chases his tail around, and I think it's cut that he automatically rolls onto his back and plays dead with his feet up in the air when the leash is on him (bad, but cute), also he has this thing... he can't reach his butt to scratch it so he sits on the floor and spins himself around in circles!
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