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There's a DOG in my house

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We were hanging out at home having a few drinks and the doorbell rings. It was a woman who found a dog outside near our house asking us if the dog was ours. I told her that I had never seen him before. He is a very cute dog, he is small and looks like a cross between a bull dog and a pug. He's older, I am assuming since he has a cataract (sp?) in one eye. He had a rope tied around his neck as king of a makeshift collar and leash. Other than that he appears to be in very good shape and seems to have been well taken care of. The rope was pulled very tight and was cutting into his skin, so we helped the woman cut it off. Anyway, the woman said she was going to knock on a few doors to see if anyone had ever seen him and knew who he belonged to. Well, my fiance liked him and told her that if she didn't find an owner to bring him back and he could stay here until we found his owner, or if not keep him. I just drove around for about 30 minutes to see if I saw anyone walking around looking for their dog. I found no one and since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and stores will be closed I stopped at the store and bought him a bag of dry dog food and a couple of cans of wet, and a box of Meaty Bones. I also gave him a bath.
I am not thrilled about this dog being here, but if we don't find an owner I guess he will be our responsibility. I plan to take him to the vet Friday morning to see if he is chipped and to have an exam. I will put some signs up tomorrow as well. Is there anything else I should do?
As far as Dori is concerned, we have had a few episodes of him chasing her but she doesn't seem scared. She is curious but he is rambuctious and won't settle down enough for her to check him out. I have the hallway blocked off so she can go down the hall to the bedrooms to get away from him. Like I aid I am not real happy about this, there was no preparation and I don't want her life disrupted. She isn't upset with me, I know this because she lets me pick her up and snuggle just like normal. I am paying as much attention to her as I can.
Another problem, this dog keeps humping my leg! I guess he is not neutered as he appears to have all parts intact.
What an evening this has turned out to be. How long do we wait for owners to claim him before we were to get him neutered and such? I really just don't know what to do. For all I know he could be a purebred of some sort, so I don't want to get him neutered if they breed him, but I also don't want an unneutered dog around here.
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any pics? i doggies too !
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Aww, you're awfully nice to take him in! You might call a shelter to see if there's a local Lost Pet website where you might find his owners, or be found by them.

The rope around his neck instead of a proper collar, though... especially since it was too tight... that makes me think he may not have had the best owners in the world. You're honor-bound, I guess, to make some effort -- but perhaps not a LOT of effort.

And he showed up at Thanksgiving! If he stays with you, maybe you can name him Pilgrim... or Mayflower... or Plymouth... or Rock! ;-)
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Originally Posted by amitya
any pics? i doggies too !

Oh , I love dogs too! My husband keeps trying to talk me into getting one..lol
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The rope could have been tied on by a child who found him wandering and wanted to take him home.

Nice of your fiance to offer him a place to stay! Maybe you will either find his owner, or he will grow on you. Nice of Dori not to freak out over the dog!
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him humping your leg ahs nothing to do with him not being neutered. My dog is neutered and will still attempt to hump. Its a dominence problem.. he wants to be, or thinks he is the boss.. when he starts huming you or an object, tell him no, push him off and tell him to sit, if he doesn't sit, then force him to.
Female dogs will even hump people or other dogs, its one of the ways that they show dominence.

Good luck with him!
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I had a blind and deaf dog wander up to my house one day last fall. We made signs for the neighborhood and within 5 minutes of putting out the first sign, someone down the road claimed him. If this one has cataracts and was on a tight collar, someone probably owns him. If you find the owner, lecture them on keeping the rope too tight. Is his neck OK?
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I think it's lovely of you - because it IS a very big distraction and responsibility. If you do end up keeping him and get him spayed it will make a massive difference to his behaviour.

It's great that your kitty is so calm around him - unusual. If you can get your hands on a baby-gate or some collapsible lattice fencing that's a great way to let them sniff but not have contact - it's what we did with our brood...

I keep kinda hoping a stray perfect Bengal kitten will turn up on my doorstep one of these days, so Max HAS to let me keep it!!
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Well Dori's calmness did not last long. It's not her fault though. I had the hallway blocked off and had brought Dori to bed with me, as I do every night, and he managed to get past and bugged Dori. We have a door that blocks the hallway so I finally gave up and shut him in the front of the house. He cried for a short time but finally went to sleep. Dori however, hid under the bed all night and refused to sleep with me. She also didn't eat much this morning. When I woke up I let the dog outside in the back yard. I gave him breakfast out there, and he has been there for about an hour or so now. I hope that isn't mean We have a huge backyard and it has a provacy fence so he can not escape. I am posting signs this morning around the neighborhood and at the nearby convienence stores. We can't keep him. He is older so I don't know that I can train him to leave Dori alone. I can't let him go after her all the time, he isn't trying to bite her, just play but she is really affected by it. I am praying we find his owner quickly, if not we will have to find him a good home.
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Awww, poor dog!

Your've great for taking him in, so that he's not wandering alone! Sorry Dori isn't taking it too well - it may be that she just needs a little time (as my two have with Willow's unexpected arrival!)

Hopefully with the signs you are posting, maybe the owner will see them and come to claim him?!

As far as the neuter, I had Willow for two weeks with no sign of his owner and as I didn't want an unneutered male in my house I went for it! (it's been approximately a month now and there has never been any sign of an owner)

I hope you manage to find his home, offer him a home or find a loving one for him!

Good Luck with it though and lots of hugs to Dori from us!
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It sounds as though you have a dog. If he becomes a permanent member of the family, he and Dori will work out a rapprochement. My three cats and two dogs do well. My cats set the rules and reinforce them, with a swipe across the nose, as needed. Usually, a hiss is enough to tell the dogs to back off.

A baby gate is a good investment. Mine keeps the dogs out of the kitchen (they'll eat the cats' food) and allows the cats to avoid the dogs' overexuberance.

As for the humping, that's normal dog behavior. Pearl and Ike hump each other, quite a bit and both of them are fixed.
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Dori has never been around another animal at all... Will she eventually be able to adjust with this silly dog bugging her? I don't like that she didn't sleep with me last night... would she eventually come around?
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Serenity has been in contact with exactly two dogs in her life during two separate episodes at the Vet. These were the only times she has ever growled. Poor Dori! Her home and routine has been so suddenly disrupted! I can certainly understand why you are so upset that she didn't sleep with you last night.

Good for you, Tanya, for doing all you can to find a home for this little doggy.
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Originally Posted by amitya
any pics? i doggies too !
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We'd been wanting a dog for a long time when we had the chance to home to yorkies, vicious little cat hating things they were. We admitted defeat a couple of days later and it took a couple of weeks for the cats to return to normal after their ordeal

Recently we had the opportunity to try again, this time with a cav and were fully prepared for the cats to move upstairs for weeks on end while the dog settled in. Thankfully this didn't happen and the photo below was taken a day or so after the dog arrived

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Opie wasn't overly thrilled, when we got Ike. Ike made friendly overtures and got five across the nose, for his efforts. Ike now shows Opie the proper respect.

Rowdy regards dogs as large, interactive cat toys and romps with them.

Initially, Buddy refused to even enter room, containg a dog. Nowadays, once Pearl is in her crate, Buddy will approach Ike and sniff at him. Having been trained by Opie, Ike just lays there and looks at Buddy.

Pearl still hasn't caught on to cat-dog etiquette. SHE wants to play with EVERYBODY. Hisses and whacks across the nose do not have the desired effect on her. Therefore, Opie and Buddy avoid her, like the plague. They don't like being slobbered on.

As long as the dog in question isn't hostile to cats, they will sort it out, among themselves. Cats quickly learn that they can go places, that dogs can't and will take advantage of that.
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This was taken, about a month after we got Ike. As long as Ike shows the proper deference (by Opie's standards), they get along.

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Awwww look at them Right now Dori is sitting on the keyboard slide out part of the desk and the dog keeps walking up to her from below. She hisses like crazy at him and he just stares at her. She hasn't awatted him yet which suprises me. We keep telling her to get him but she won't. I am about to close the hallway door for the night so Dori can have some peace.
He is such a very good dog inside. He listens to what we say and basically lays down and watches us. He is so well behaved, I am really hoping his owner calls. That would be the very best thing for this dog.
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Aw I hope you can keep him! He sounds CUTE!
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If you haven't thought of it already, call around to local vets and/or humane societies. Someone may be calling them looking for the dog. Good luck to you!!
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Our vet says that the most stressful thing for a cat is introducing a dog to the house, and moving house. We did that to our cats (poor babies) by moving house and then getting two puppies three months apart!

We have a Feliway diffuser in the cats' room, and with slow introductions they are coming around, but its taking a lot of work.

I think it's fair if you feel that you can't keep this pup, and I think it's lovely of you to be looking after him anyway. Dori will settle eventually and especially if you find a new home for the pup, or it's existing home, then she should be back to normal soon.
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If you're stressing about it, Dori will too. As long as the dog isn't going to hurt her, relax and let them sort themselves out.
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Sounds like this dog is used to being the dominant one, considering that he humps your leg & chases/stares at/ harrasses the cat. He needs to be taught his place in the pack, which for the safety of your cat, is beneath both you and Dori. A good way to enforce this is to make sure that he "sits" or obeys another command before you feed him, pet him, give him treats - dogs like to earn their treats. A dog, unlike a cat, thrives on discipline more than on affection - I'm not saying dont' love on him, but if he knows his place, he will feel more happy & secure and you will have a well-behaved dog that is a pleasure for all to be around.
Here is a the tip-page from Cesar Millan, the star of National Geographic's Dog Whisperer: http://channel.nationalgeographic.co...erer/tips.html
Bless you for taking him in - dogs are high maintenance, but the rewards are worth it! Think how well protected you will sleep! He can warn you with barking in case of intruders & fire. I hope things are going well!
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Originally Posted by catsknowme
Bless you for taking him in - dogs are high maintenance, but the rewards are worth it! Think how well protected you will sleep! He can warn you with barking in case of intruders & fire. I hope things are going well!
I agree about the high maintenance as compared to cats. But with my Jello, he is no guard dog. The kitties accepted him from day one.
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Originally Posted by Sar
I hope you manage to find his home, offer him a home or find a loving one for him!

Good Luck with it though and lots of hugs to Dori from us!
......sending good vibes to him! ..
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My parents adopted an older (c. 10-year-old) cat with no experience of dogs. At first she was terribly afraid of their cat-loving Lab, and went out of her way to avoid him. They made sure she had several elevated places to withdraw to in each room, and didn't interfere. Within a few weeks she'd decided he was harmless (and very warm), and started sleeping with him. When he took a stroke six years later, she only outlasted him by a few days - we think she died of a broken heart. Those two were extremely close.
Jamie loves dogs. His "buddy" is a greyhound that lives next door, and now he's making friends (through the fence) with a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy.
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hows it all going with master doggy and miss dori?
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Thank you to everyone for all the great advice. It has been very helpful!
This morning I brought him to be scanned for a microchip and he did not have one. So I brought him over to my mom and dads because they had decided to keep him. They have 1 inside dog and she is fairly large and kept jumping all over him. We all thought it may not be a good idea for him to stay there so I brought him back home where the decision was made to keep him.

I purchased a baby gate and put it in the doorway that leads to the hallway. Before bringing the doggy inside I made sure Dori knew she was able to jump from one side to the other. This gives her 1/2 of the house for her very own, which includes the 3 bedrooms and this is where her litter box is, her favorite window, and where she sleeps. I have also moved her food to my bedroom and her toy basket so the toys don't get doggy germs I then brought the dog inside and things have actually been going very well. There has only been one incident of Dori hissing and running off. After the calmness of this afternoon compared to last night I feel confident this will work out. I feel even better that Dori has just decided to come sit with me while I type

I did leave my information with Animal Control's lost and found and have hung several fliers around the neighborhood, convienence stores, and vets office. There's still hope someone will claim him, but I am not sure. It's very odd no one has seen my fliers and called I need to get him in for a vet exam though. I am curious as to how old the vet thinks he is. He appears to have a cataract (sp?) in one eye which made me think he was old, but he doesn't act old at all. He is extremely playful, is not leash trained (not one bit, it has been a challenge), and is not completely housebroken either. He does not want to walk in the grass. It's all so strange to me.

So, here's a few pics of our new addition. We are still working on a name.

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This pics a little bigger, (please remove if too big mods). I was just wondering if anyone has an idea on what type of dog he is? He has a long tail, not a short stubby one, very short legs as well.

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That's a french bulldog. You can almost bet someone somewhere is looking for him. They cost a LOT of money from a good breeder.
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