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Count Down

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I know you guys have heard this before but the move is 13 days away and I am getting so nervous. I know it will all be okay but there is still alot to do although I am no longer working because they found my replacement and they feel they don't need me (but from what I hear, she won't be there more than a week or two) so I have time to do things. I can tell that I'm getting nervous because my knee is acting up (I've had 3 knee surgeries and will be going to have a replacment in a few years according to the doctors). So although I won't be checking in often, please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I will give a good-bye post the day we leave and will return as soon as the furbabies settle down (they are the first to be taken care of when we get there and then the second is the computer being set up. I will be keeping in touch with Rene, Sandie and Ken via cell phone during my trip.

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Have a safe trip.
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You'll be fine you'll see and so will the furbabies - take care and have a safe trip!
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I'm sure everything will be fine! We will all be thinking about you when the big day arrives!!
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I have the wine to bring - and I can't wait to taste Vinny's Italian cooking. We will see you at your new place on the 13th!
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