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Too much love?

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Is their such a thing as a cat being too affectionate and docile? I have a feeling Miya is a little too attached to me.
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Originally Posted by Miyas_mom
Is their such a thing as a cat being too affectionate and docile? I have a feeling Miya is a little too attached to me.
Well, if she's the only one..? Then of course she is
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Yep, she's the only child. But some of my friends who are also cat owners say that she does some unusual things--for example, I had no idea that cats didn't like to lay on their backs (belly exposed)--I often do this and she doesn't do anything (she actually holds my hand when I try to put her down, as if to say "Don't stop that!"). I am wodering if there is something wrong with her.
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All my cats are fine when I hold them on their backs or lay them down on their backs except for one who puts up a fuss and another who doesn't like it but I do it anyway against her will when she is bad. I hold her like that and talk calmly to her and she growls, its cute really. As soon as I put her down, she jumps on my lap purring.

Your cat is not unusual. That is normal, some cats like that and some dont.
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I'd say she is just more of a little love kitty than some others - enjoy! There are folks who have very independent cats that would just love to have some of your kitty's personality.

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Letting you have access to her tummy is a sgn of MAJOR trust and love. Don't worry a bit -- you just have a happy, loving kitty who has complete faith in you! What could be better? :-)
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She sounds like a wonderful kitty! Different cats really have different personalities. Different breeds tend to have different personality traits sometimes, too. I have a part siamese once who acted more like a dog than a cat sometimes! What breed is Miya?
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I think it has a lot to do with being an only child, and even more to do with how much time you spend with her. She has probably always gotten a lot of love and attention from you!

My roommate doesn't like cats, but he likes my Cupid because he says he's never seen another cat act like he does before. He's been smothered with love and affection, which I'm sure your little angel has as well.

For the first two weeks after I got him (the second time), I didn't even put him down except to eat & go potty--and he ate it up. But Cupid was also weaned too soon, and suckled, so that could have something to do with it.
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Out of my 4 cats, my little baby boy is really affectionate as well. He loves when I hold him like a baby upside down in my arms. He follows me everywhere, talks to me all the time, and lays on my clothes that are on the floor. Some cats are just closer to their humans than others.
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Okay, I understand. I thought that cats were for the most part independent. I sometimes got worried that my little one had some sort of a problem. There was even the suggestion that she had been abused in her previous home.
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My cat Ash is a love bug as well! He doesn't claw when I rub his tummy and is forever purring and talking to me. He loves to be petted(he thinks thats why all humans were put on earth..for his petting enjoyment,lol) and just in general is a very loving cat. he's my lil shadow when I am at home.
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That may well be why she has really latched onto you - you must have done a wonderful job for her to learn to love and trust again. Well done to you!

You're lucky - kitties that are that loving and affectionate are hard to come by! I only wish mine were a bit more like that (except Sunday, who would try to cuddle a crocodile!)
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my kitty is very affectionate she will hardly leave my side and follows me all over the room and house and i so enjoy it and she is an only kitty to
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I don't think I did much of anything. She started purring the very first time I held her. Getting her used to her new home was somewhat of a different story. So now she is very attached to me and she isn't very comfortable around other human beings.
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Originally Posted by Miyas_mom
Is their such a thing as a cat being too affectionate and docile? I have a feeling Miya is a little too attached to me.
thanks for posting this thread, my kitten is my shadow and very docile when i stroke and press her paws (getting her used to the first nail clipping) and some times she lets me touch her tummy. I was worried that she had a dependent personality disorder. LOL
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it is special to have a cat that wants to be near you all the time as most cats are independent, and choose their moments to be with their owners. My cat loves to be around people all the time, although I am the only in the house whose lap he will sleep in. He also follows me all over, and talks to me. He is still independent, that is he doesnt like to be held for minutes on end, but he is a joy, and loves attention. So dont worry about it. You have a very loving little KitKat! And it is perfectly normal for some cats to be like that. You can never get too much of a good thing!
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