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Kitten Biting

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I got a new kitten about a month ago. She is just as sweet as can be---when she wants to be. The rest of the time, she bites every time someone touches her. She doesnt do it in a mean way. I think this is how she plays.
She likes it when I rub her gums. She plays well with the other cats. She purrs like a freight train about 3 hours a day. So shes a nice kitten, she just has this bad habit. Any ideas?
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She's a baby and she will outgrow it but you will have to teach her not to bite. A couple things we did with Bijou (and he was a little dickens about chasing my legs and feet, hands and arms). I would stop moving my leg/arm immediately and loudly say ouch or no. Then I would hiss or blow in his face. He did finally outgrow the behaviour and I have to tell you he is a perfect little gentle kitty now.
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Maybe her molars are coming out. My cats like to have they're gum rubbed and will bite a lot when they're getting new teeth
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My folks had that problem with Dylan when he was little, and we found that if we resisted the instinct to pull back from a bite, and just held still and waited, Dylan would lose interest. He soon learned that we would only play with him if he refrained from biting.

This was important for us, because my folks are elderly, and their skin is so fragile... I spent a lot of hours over there playing surrogate bitee so they wouldn't have to risk it! :-)
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