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At work we have an orange tabby named Kittymitts(No we didn't name him... that was his name when he was left with us). He is a very "different" cat who is always finding himself in some kind of trouble. One of his favortie things to do is to try and get into the bag of cat food when no one is looking and help himself to it. Being unable to babysit him all the time we came up with something to occupy him.
A client had given us a little gag gift, a plastic cow that when you pushed on his back brown jelly beans would come out its rear end. After the jelly beans had been eaten we filled the cow with kibble and showed Kittymitts how to work it. After a quite a few tries he now has the technique down and spends the day pushing on the cow and eating up it's goodies. Who says dogs are smarter than cats?
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That is so cute!!!

My kitty knows how to pull the string on his wind up mouse all by himself. He holds it in his paws and pulls the string with his teeth, then holds it while it shakes!

Cat's are super smart!
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heehee! but what I want to know is. . . how on earth were you able to eat the brown jelly beans that came out of the cows rear end??!

Confessed Sweet Tooth
(but not that much of a Sweet Tooth)
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lol I can honestly say I didn't try one.
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That is hilarious! Could we PLEASE, PLEASE get a picture?
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KK is right! We need pics!!!!!!!!
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Good idea... I'll try my best and get one on here as soon as possible.
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