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Can you find nine people?

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Find the people

I could only find 5........
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I can only find 5 too.... Hmmmm....
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Me too, but what a neat site. I e-mailed it to myself and my kids. Thanks!
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I found 8 . . . I think.

Does the dog count?
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I wondered the same thing. But it says people, not animals? I can't tell if there is a person in the dog's face or not? looking again I now see 8, but have no clue where the ninth one is? Ah HA! I found it! Look along the side the archway on the left........
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I see 8, but can't find the 9th :confused3:

If you count the big mans head then its nine for me, I wasn't counting that..
post #7 of 20 there an answer sheet? I'm feeling really oblivious right now! I won't say how many I found!
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Okay, starting from the top,

I have 4 in the finials to the left of the arch and one on the right,
the man whose head is the top of the arch, the man and the woman under the arch.

What am I missing?

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Well, I don't see any of those! Even with you telling me where they are!

I see the (1) man who is a giant head (the obvious one!), the (2) man with the sombrero who is made out of the big head's eye, nose, and facial hair), the (3)lady standing in front of him and the (4) baby she's holding (don't know if that counts, but oh well).
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Oh! She's holding a baby! I didn't even notice, duh!

You know that optical illusion that looks like a vase or like the profiles of two people facing each other? There is one of those profiles in the spindle on the right and two facing each other on the left, plus one at the far left facing forward and one above another where the eyebrow and nose are the sitting bird and the flying bird is the eye.

At least, those are the faces I saw, does that help?
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I could only find 2...
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Wow Sunlion! Good directions! I can see all of those now, except the one made out of the two birds. That brings me to 8 I can see, and one I know is there, but can't see! Thanks for the help.
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I had to read everyone's instructions to find 8. . .I saw the faces on the right, but wasn't sure if it was 1 or 2 at first. My brain hurts now:tounge2:
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Someone sent this to me on email a long time ago. There are nine people, no animals allowed. And yes, they are all there!! But I'm not telling you where!
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I could only find 8...I'm goin with sunlion "does the dog count"??
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I found eight two. I think I will print it and stare at it and circle them as found them.
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I only got 7. This is neat, though!!
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I must be really psycho cuz I found 10! Guess I'm really reading between the lines on this one.

OK, four on the top left (the one made of the birds is looking down at the big head), one on the right, main big head, old guy in sombrero, lady with baby and a lady in the cobblestones right below the lady's right edge of hemline.
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Okay, now I found nine!
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Hmmm...I only found 6...I think that i will print this out so I can see the rest.
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