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Please help Concerned about 8 month old

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Im new to this site so hi everybody

My 8 month old kitty is sick. For a couple weeks now we have been giving him Albon and amox. my vet sucks and we are taking him to another vet.
But anyway he has been having a clear gel type stuff comming out of his rectum. And pretty much can control it. Hes a long hair cat and it would get stuck to his bum. i did cut the hair around it so it would get stuck.
Anyway again we are very concerned.
We have done a little reserch and it looks like it could be Acute Diarrhea
or coccidia.
He has been eating and drinking normal but has lost maybe a half of a pound.
He will make like a monning noise about 2-4 time a day and usualy thats when something will come out. He does have sometimes normal stool, a more harder stool. But most of the time it looks like a gel or mucas that comes out and has signs of blood in it. He hasnt been very active but i dont know if the medicine makes him drousey or its just couse hes sick. He has throw up the first day he got sick and has throw up again just about an hour ago for the first time in 2 and a half weeks. We have heard that Coccidia can take weeks to get ride of. We had 2 stool samples tested at our local vet that we dont like and they both came out NEG.
Please help, im really concerned about him.
Has anybody else had this happen to there kitty?
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I'm sorry to hear your poor kitty is going thru this.. I would fersure take him right away to another vet! Especially he's in any kind of pain..

Sorry, I don't have any answers for you though..

Take Care~
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he realy doesnt seem to be in pain, just when he trys to poop.
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I don't think he should be in pain even when he is using the bathroom.., ya know..
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He surely does need another vet exam..I'm glad you are arranging that. I'm not a vet but since you asked for opinions, if he were mine, I'd be asking my vet if he feels hard stool in the colon on palpation aka if my cat is constipated, and would be asking about instinal blockages and requesting an exray if my vet didn't feel there was no reason to do one.

Your fellow needs prompt attention - whatever is going on with his stool, he's obviously in pain, and any difficulty with passing stool, normal stool, with no blood, is serious, imho.
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there is a good chance that he IS in pain and you don't know it. Cats are EXCELLENT in hiding their pain.
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Your right, I've heard of that too! One of the 3 times that I have taken my Max to the emergency room because I thought he broke his leg and was limping and here he is walking all fine in the room like nothing was wrong.. Thank goodness he was fine..
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