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a question about nails..

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I dont know whats wrong with me but my nails have been really weak recently and I presume this is due to stress.

But does anyone know why they smell like burnt hair????
It doesnt go away even if I wash my hands or soak them for a bit.

any information would be grateful
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Fran, I wouldn't doubt it's stress, but you may need more iron in your diet. Weak nails can be a symptom of anemia. It can occur if you don't get enough greens or red meat. I was anemic a while back and had to take iron supplements. I was habitually tired and my immune system was shot. You might want to visit your doctor for a checkup.
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Well... I know nails and hair are both composed of the same thing, keratin, so it's not surprising that one should smell like the other... but burnt? That IS strange. In addition to more iron, you might also have a bit of Jell-O every day... it's very good for brittle hair and nails.

But if you haven't seen a doctor in awhile, you might make an appointment. You don't want to just treat the symptoms if there's a real problem underlying them. Take care!
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Originally Posted by fwan
IBut does anyone know why they smell like burnt hair????
Do you smoke?
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you're missing something in your diet dear - more milk and another good tip for keeping them strong is to eat raw jelly cubes. There's something in the gelotine that provides a certain protien that seems to be very good for them.
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Originally Posted by yayi
Do you smoke?
Nope i dont! although sometimes it is very tempting to buy some!

I will go and get iron suppliments,
Last week i nearly fainted at the gym and that was because i was only eating bread and butter for those last few days.

Thanks guys for the advice!
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Fran invest in a nail buffer as well. Not only does it put a gorgeous gloss on your nails but it promotes growth because it gets the blood circulating.

I always buff mine once a day and it makes a huge difference.
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Don´t bite it!! ....

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Stress, drugs and diet. Fran, one or a combination of those may be the culprit.
I don't know if you are on any anti-depressant meds or anything (NOT to presume!) but those are horrible for weak hair and nails (or any drug for that matter).
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Jelly is good for weak nails or hair, you can buy a nuestral flavour one in shops here, and just add it to things if you don't like the fruity ones...
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ZINC! Zinc pills give you lovely healthy hair and nails!
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Sounds to me, esp with the faint feelings, that maybe you ought to see your DR....and burnt hair smelling nails...that could be a sign of something that none of us are aware of that needs treatment.
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See Fran, I'm not the only one who nags at you to go to a doctor!!
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Can you get the OPI brand of nail polish?? They have a product called nail envy that really works for me. In addition use rubber gloves when you are washing dishes as the dishwater weakens your fingertail. I have always have crummy fingernails but if I keep the rubber gloves on, and wear some type of nail strengthening nail polish I find it REALLY helps.
Plus I agree that you should go to the doctor as you have had these fainting spells for quite some time.
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