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Feedback on a treat please...

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I bought my dogs a canister of Merricks Breath Biscuits-- the ingredients are ok for my dogs. PB has taken a HUGE liking to these biscuits and whenever i give the dogs some i HAVE to give a couple to PB. I am going to list the ingredients below. I would like some feedback on if these are ok for PB for occasional treats. By Occasional i mean once a month MAYBE--

Ingredient List for Merrick Breath Biscuits

Chicken, whole grain barley flour, brown rice, chicken meal, rolled oats, whole potato, whole apple, rice bran, flaxseed oil, poultry fat preserverd with mixed tocopherols, calcium carbonate, yeast culture, menhadden fish meal, dried alfalfa, yucca shidegra extract, chlorophyl, rosemary, and peppermint.

These treats arent big-- PB only gets about two per time i feed the dogs but has tried with all his might to chew off the lid to the canister to get to these treats. Are there any ingredients that are harmful to cats in these-- im not sure what kind of fish menhadden is as i have never heard of it. I dont know what yucca shidegra is either-- Im assuming that rosemary and peppermint are ok for cats but im not sure.

Biscuit treat

Thanks in advance everyone.
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Other than the alfalfa (which doesn't seem to affect all cats, but has been known to cause digestive upset in cats), I've never heard problems with any of those ingredients. I mean, there's an awful lot of grains in there, but it looks better than a lot of brands of cat food! On the bright side, chlorophyll has been known to be effective in cleaning their teeth!
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She likes it because chicken is the first ingrediant and of course the fish meal. Thats the problem with many cat treats. Just because it says chicken flavor can actually mean there is no chicken in it! No wonder kitties turn their noses up at treats.... Any treat I get I make sure there is some kind of real meat in it.

It dosen't look bad though so I wouldn't worry about it. Actually it looks like a pretty good treat! Flax oil is very healthy for animals and people...
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I agree grain heavy but it is a treat ... the fish meal is a concern since it is the only fish out there defined as not for human consuption, but there is not much... It is a treat so for that it looks nice
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You could break it up so it's smaller, couldn't you?
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thanks everyone for your feedback--

As far as size-- PB likes them the way they are! he loves crunching on them-- I have broken them in half and given him half and he just looks at it like im crazy-- guess he wants what the dogs are getting. These are a very occasional treat-- nothing daily or even really weekly-
I had actually forgotten i had them until PB was rolling them around on the floor trying to get the lid off

Thanks again everyone!
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I think it's fine. Since it is a treat you don't have to worry too much about whether the ingredients are healthful, you just have to make sure they are not harmful.

Case in point - my guys "helping" me eat the crust of my pie today. Flour and shortening aren't health foods for either one of us, but they are not going to hurt anyone either.
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