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Please encourage my friend who helped a dog...

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A friend of mine who has three young kids, went out to get her kids from the schoolbus. As they came out, a golden retriever darted toward them, really scaring the kids. They started running, and the dog of course ran after, them all freaking out. This is a dog who has come over to their yard several times before, and he is a very hyper and active dog, jumping all over them. He seems very friendly, just overwhelming though. Like he has received no training at all. Once the police happened to drive by, and he got the dog and called up the owners (the no. was on the collar) and dealt with it. Another time she herself called the owner, and this lady came over saying that he is gone for 2-3 days at a time sometimes, like that was normal and fine, she was not at all concerned about it.

This time, I told her to call animal control, especially since he didn't have a collar on this time, but really seems like the same dog (lives 1 mile away, but we don't know where). She brought him into her garage, but as animal control didn't come in the next hour she felt it was too cold for him so she brought him into her finished basement and gave him some water. She talked to a neighbour who was wondering why she didn't let him go, and her dh also felt she should let him out again. The problem was, of course, that the owners don't seem to care about him and won't protect him, also it's illegal and it really frightens her kids, and they seem to need a bit of a stern warning to get their acts together.

She's been given a hard time though, that she took the dog away from the owner and that the dog probably would have walked home again. However, as her dh told her to get it out again, he remained at her porch for the next couple of hours. She gave him some bread. His fur seemed tangled and matted, so maybe he had been gone a while already. He stayed put anyway. Animal control came and took him to their shelter, and the owners have 1 week to get him otherwise he'll be adopted out.

She is feeling bad, wondering if she did the right thing by getting animal control involved. She is such an animal lover, she just wants what's best for him as well as her own family. She's not getting much support, people seem to be more concerned about his owner's feelings.

I feel strongly that the owners need to shape up and take responsibility for him, or get a new owner that cares about him.
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I think she did the best that she could to take care of the animal. She seems like a kind person. I hope the dog finds a home where he will be cared for.
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Bless your friend. She did the right thing. His owners obviously dont give a hoot about him.
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The owners are letting him run around loose, and sooner or later he'll be hit by a car. Provided he's in a no kill shelter, she did the right thing.
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...this kind of News make my day! ....he deserves to call him

H E R O...!!!!..
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Originally Posted by jcat
The owners are letting him run around loose, and sooner or later he'll be hit by a car. Provided he's in a no kill shelter, she did the right thing.
This is not a no-kill shelter, it is the county shelter where the no-kill shelters pick their animals from. However, the person who came to get him, said that these kind of dogs get adopted out right away, he will not need to be put to sleep. And she says she and her dh will adopt him if nobody else will. So he'll be taken care of for sure!
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She definitely did the right thing - this poor dogs owners don't seem to give a stuff where he is and what he's up to and that's really heartbreaking. This poor creature! I can't believe people are so ignorant or so up their own backsides that they can't be bothered to look after their animals properly.

You go give your friend a hug from me - she's not to worry about a thing. Who cares what other people think of her, I say she's done the best she could in her own conscience - which is definitely more than could be said for the "owners". Who in their right mind could let a dog run loose and in dager of getting seriously injured or killed on a road? People like that shoudln't be allowed to keep pets.
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These people were lucky enough to have a Golden Retriever, and they just let him run loose? Your friend ABSOLUTELY did the right thing, and I'm so glad to hear she's willing to adopt the dog if no one else does. Goldens are such wonderful animals... I've never met one I didn't love.
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I think the owners need to have their knees broken and GOOD ON YOUR FRIEND!!!

Who would neglect such a beatiful animal....
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I think getting him out of the situation was a good thing but she needs to get to work to make sure the dog gets out of the shelter alive. Just because a shelter worker says he'll get adopted for sure does not make it a reality. You never know what situations might come up that wouldn't bode well for him. So it is important to work on finding a rescue or someone to adopt the dog because after the one week stray hold is up, he can be killed at any time.
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