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Food Allergy, Need ANY Help

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Hi all!
My cat Max has a supposed food allergy. We had him on Medical Hypoallergenic but that wasn't doing the trick. So one of my vets recommended Hill's Prescription Low Allergen z/d. I have been using it for 5 weeks now and no difference. Max's stools are runny but that's the only symptom. Does anyone have any suggestions? MY vet seems to be stumped and honestly, so am I. I don't mind paying for the food but only if it's going to help. Thanks everyone.
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Do you know what it is exsactly that your cat is allergic to? Have you had a blood test run to show which foods are causing an allergic reaction? If not talk to your veterinarian about doing so because it will help rule out certain ingredients so you can find the best food for him.
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We think that he's allergic to animal proteins. We have pretty much ruled out by-products. Are there any other common allergies?
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My cat also has a food allergy. She is on Science Diet Z/D. Her allergy affected her skin. She itched and was losing lots of hair, her legs and stomach areas were bald and her sides were bald in spots. The allergy did not affect her digestive tract, but it can. It took her being on the Z/D for 9 weeks before I noticed any change, which my vet said it could take 8 to 12 weeks before whatever she was allergic to was completely out of her system. The test to determine what she was allergic to was very expensive (around $400 and I couldn't afford it). I understand how hard dealing with a food allergy is for you and your cat. With mine it was trying to find something that she would eat (a little spoiled she is) and watching her itch even on the cortisone. I finally had to just let her get really hungry and now she will eat the Z/D, basically because that's all there is. Keep us informed about your little one.
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Most commonly in food allergies it's the animal protein but the other ingredients could cause a reaction but if you have ruled that out then that's not the problem.
If you can think of it there's probably a cat out there who's allergic to it. If you've ever seen one of the allergy test sheets that show what they test for you'd be amazed. The sad part about it it generaly a cat who is allergic to one thing(that you're sure of) is allergic to many others. Hopefully not in your kitties case and seeing how the only symptom is diarrea then it's most likley his food. There's many diets out there for cats with allergies, you just have to find the right one and there's only two ways(That I know of) that you can figure out what food will be best for him. Blood testing,although sometimes there can be false positives in the test and the elimination diet, which can get to be very expensive not to mention fustrating. There's also intradermal testing but I'm not sure if that can be done with food allergens.
As for the length of time the cat should be on the diet for usually about 8 to 12 weeks.

Let us know what you decide to do and how Max does.
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Have you considered Science Diet Sensitive Stomach?
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Yes, Scuience Diet for Sensitive Stomachs did the trick for my boy. He had the same symptoms as - runny stool as well as bright red blood. With in 2 days after being on SC for Sensitive Stomachs his tool was firm and no more blood.
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Hmmm, I have heard of it but assumed it wouldn't work for him. We tried the Royal Canin sesitive stomach and it did nothing. Hell, that sounds exactly like Max. Do you know how the food actually works?
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No, for some reason it must not contain the irretants that the other foods have. Therefore his digestive system and lower colon, that is where the bright red blood comes from, must be able to process it better. Give it s shot - buy a 4 lb. bag. My Loki switched to SC on his own even though I had Nutro sitting right next to the bowl with SC. I think he somehow know that this was good for him.

Good luck!!
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I bought some yesterday and have started mixing it in with the old stuff. Call me crazy but I think I can see a difference already this morning. *happy dance* Thanks for your help everyone, hopefully this does the trick!
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My kidden Velcro was eating regular 'ol Science Diet Adult just fine, when Science Diet changed their formula (New, better tasting!). Then he started throwing up after eating. My vet switched us to Science Diet W/D, which is only available from the vet, and he stopped throwing up!!! It took about a month, but now he's been on it about 2 years, and no problems.
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Candy - that is great news - My Loki's improvement
was also almost immediate!!!!!!
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Candy how is Max getting along?
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