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We just moved out of an apartment and into a house. The cats are LOVIN' all the extra space.
The house has a basement. Right now we're keeping the door closed for the cats to get use to it. I'm wondering though, is it OK to let the cats roam around in the basement if they wanted to? Or if one follows you down do you keep it supervised? I'm just concerned about things falling or the cats getting into stuff they shouldn't be into.
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Is it a finished basement? I don't think it would be a problem if its finished. If there is insulation showing anywhere or any ohter hazard then it might not be a good idea.
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My cats loved the basement in my old house, too, especially in the hot weather. Just give a look around and make sure there are no hazardous chemicals or other potential problems like broken glass etc.
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I'd suggest cat-proofing your basement, same as you would the rest of the house. Make sure they can't damage anything, and that anything that might hurt them is put out of reach.

And be prepared for a cat that's a little dustier than one who stays out of the basement.
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My 2 use to LOVE to go down to the basement.. I woould make sure there are no places where they can get stuck , like my parents cat got in a hole and was in the wall.. Thank goodness he got out ok and patched it all up!
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Just go throughthe basement and make sure it is "cat-proof". Abby loves our basement and spends a lot of time down theree. Her food and litterbox are also in the basement.
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Kitty proofing is a good idea...if it's a finished basement I see no problem with letting your kitties down there. If it's not (my friend used to live in an old house with a dirt basement) and come to find out later on that her cat was digging in the dirt using it as a litterbox
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Miss Mew, that's hilarious about your friend's cat!

Yes the basement is at least cemented. My concerns were more the Furnace and Hot Water heather.
So far they haven't been curious about where I go to do laundry but thought I would grab some cat proofing ideas. The basement does need a good sweeping...
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