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Thanksgiving Menu

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I just love Thanksgiving. I love cooking for Thanksgiving! And I'm always looking for more ideas for NEXT Thanksgiving (or Christmas, depending on what we decide to have...)

What's on your Thanksgiving Menu? Here's mine:

Roast Turkey
Stuffing (I actually do stuff the turkey itself, and add extra time to the cooking so it's done. I make my stuffing extra moist so I've never had a problem with it drying out the turkey.)
Turkey gravy
Mashed-Baked Potatoes
Corn (not sure if we'll do anything special with the corn)
Yams with marshmallows
Jellied Cranberry Goo..I mean Sauce (that's for Earl )
Pumpkin Pie

Basically - WAY too much for 2 people, but we like the leftovers.
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I think Thanksgiving has to be one of my favorite holidays! Last year we hosted Thanksgiving at our apartment and my parents and Brendan's parents met for the first time. It went so well that this year my mom is hosting Thanksgiving and she invited Brendan's parents this year! The tradition we started last year however was, "potluck thanksgiving" Everyone brings something different so that one person doesn't have to do all the cooking. As far as I know this is the menu so far:

Brendan's Mom's famous loaded mashed potatoes
Candied Yams
Green Bean Casserole
Pumpkin Gingerbread Triffle
some chocolate pie concoction

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I am visiting family for the holiday. So for me it's whatever they cook, lots of beer and some football
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I was going to post on Friday asking anyone if they tried new recipes and how they were!

OK - we are having -


Shrimp cocktail
Vidalia onion dip (new recipe)
spinach and artichoke dip
various cheese, chips and crackers.

Main course

Chourico Stuffing
French Canadian Meat stuffing (new recipe)
garlic mashed potatoes
pickles and olives
canned cranberry sauce
homemade cranberry sauce
rolls, homemade bread & butter
vegetables (my sister in law is bringing)


brownies (my mother)
Magic cookie bars (my sister in law)
Cheesecake (makign that in a little bit)

I think we will have a few leftovers , but I always send everyone home with a little!
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Those Menus sounds Terrifics!!!! ......
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I'm having whatever Thanksgiving meal the restaurant Dad and I are eating at offers
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mashed potatoes
peas & carrots
cranberry sauce
(quite plain and traditional, but that's the way we like it!!)
chocolate-chip cookies
apple pie
cherry pie
'Funmediddles'...made up by my great-grandmother, a family tradition: made from left-over pie crust flattened out, sprinkled with sugar & cinammon, rolled up, and sliced then baked. Not the healthiest treat ever, but very tasty!

Just made ALL of the! went shopping a couple days ago for everything else. We're having a lot of family over, too.
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Wow, you guys, now I'm so hungry!
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you guys are making me hungry...
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Originally Posted by Zazusdad
I am visiting family for the holiday. So for me it's whatever they cook, lots of beer and some football
I think there's going to be a lot of that, too! LOL I almost forgot too...I have some excellent wine from Ohio in a Semi-Sweet Merlot that should be excellent with the turkey!
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Whatever my mom and Aunt cook!
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Our thankgiving dinner is tonight instead of tomorrow. Everythingis under control and I thought I`d take a break and rest my tired figured I could do it here at the puter and check out TCS.
Our menu is:
Roast Turkey & Ham
Mashed potatoes & gravy
Homemade noodles
Baked beans
Green bean casserole
Corn casserole
Potato salad
Deviled eggs
Dinner rolls
Cream cheese pumpkin pie
reg pumpkin pie (and cool whip, of course)
Apple pie
Peanut Butter pie
Numerous beverages
I`m full already just cooking, smelling and tasting!
There are 9 of us going to be here...and that`s counting 2 fellas that we have`nt met yet...they work with our son and don`t have family around here to go to for the that will be fun to have someone new to join us,
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We are using Alton Brown's recipe for brining a turkey, then will just roast it tomorrow (brining it today).
Mashed cauliflower
Fresh Asparagus w/butter
Good Old Country Stuffing (recipe by Paula Dean)
Rolls - for dh
homemade cranberry relish that is to die for (uses orange zest and maple syrup)
gravy of course!
Pumpkin Pie (Paula Dean's recipe, made with cream cheese, it is the best pumpkin pie recipe I've ever had) w/vanilla whipped cream

Snack lunch: (we eat late)
spinach dip with raw brocoli and cauliflower
my low carb sausage rolls w/ a homemade dijonnaise
crabstuffed mushrooms
celery stuffed with kalamata olive/cream cheese mix

Tonight, I will have as part of my dinner, my scalloped oyster casserole...easier than trying to have this with everything else on Thanksgiving

With leftovers on Saturday, we will have Rachael Ray's "Orange You Glad It's Thanksgiving" soup - an orange/squash soup that is to die for.

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You are all making me hungry! I am flying to my sister's house in Tucson tomorrow morning. I hear that she has ordered a catered meal with a smoked turkey as the centerpiece. No clue what else is on the menu this year.

In a few weeks, we're going to have a Thanksgiving dinner at home with our friends who are also having a weird Thanksgiving this year. I think we'll serve:

Crab dip & shrimp cocktail

Turkey with bread stuffing
Smoked ham (we'll smoke it with apricot wood)
Mashed potatoes
Mushroom gravy
Cranberry sauce
Green bean casserole
Some other veggies
Warm rolls
And whatever anyone else brings

And for dessert - pumpkin pie of course! And maybe cookies and apple cake.

And lots of wine!
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Although im european i think next year ill celebrate it! and invite people hehe
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Oh now I am so hungrey I can't wait, even if I have to cook it I can't wait, I just hope it's as good as I am hungrey

Deviled Eggs
Stuffed celery
olives and whatever else I can figure out

Turkey and homemade Sausage stuffing
mashed tatos and Gravey
Sweet potatoes
Cranberry sauce
Banana Berry cream pie and Pumpkin
I'll be eating while cooking, eating while eating, eating while cleaning up, and eating later in the evening, and the next day to YUM
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It's just the two of us and Sash of course! Will's making us:

vegetarian stuffing (with green peppers, mushrooms)
mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy
french style green beans
biscuits (which I've been dying for!)
and for dessert, Pumpkin Pie (I really wanted cherry pie, but Will got Pumpkin)

I can't wait to have are little feast!
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So many of the talk shows for the past week have done nothing but discuss how to make the perfect turkey. It really got me hungry for turkey on Thanksgiving Day. My mom informed me yesterday that she is making HAM! I like ham, but I was REALLY craving turkey. If anyone has any leftover turkey, mail it to me!!
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Heres what we are having

mashed taters
candied yams
deviled eggs
cranberry sauce

punkin pie
apple pie
chocolate pie
lemon squares

(all of above made from scratch)except of course the cranberry sauce lol
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This is only what I know because it's at my parents

Shrimp Tray
Tortilla Pinwheels
Olive Balls
Mushroom Dip

Mashed Potatoe and Gravy
Sweet Potatoes
Broccolli Casserole (Paula's - we shall see)
Corn Casserole
Green Bean Casserole
Cranberry Relish
Mushroom Soup
Pretzel Salad (?)
Chocolate Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Key Lime Pie
Choc Chip Cheesecake Bars
several bottles of wine

I am getting sick at the thought of all this food .
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My sister bought a huge fresh Turkey.
stuffing and gravy
I'm baking a 10 pound pork roast with raisins and apple stuffing plus gravy
mashed potatoes
pearl onion type casserole thing my sis makes yummy
apple sauce
cranberry sauce
3 different types of home made rolls
Plates of relishes and pickles stuffed celery
raw veggies with dips
apple,blueberry,chocolate creme,and pumpkin pie with ice cream or home made whipped cream
banana bread
cranberry bread
3 kinds of home made fudge
and chocolate cup cakes home made for the kids they seem to prefer those to pies
We are having 21 to eat so I bet there won't be much left over!
And its calling for snow!
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we are having

-cranberry sauce
-sweet potatoe casserole (this is really good!)
-pumpkin pie
-apple pie
-mashed potatoes
-cranberry sauce
-chocolate cake
we have this stuff every year, except the chocolate cake. my grandmother brought that along!
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Oh my goodness! Wish we had a holiday like that here - just for the food! Lol!
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We had....
-Homemade noodles
-Veggie stuffing
-garlic mashed potatoes
-green beans with fresh tarragon and shallots
-sweet potatoes
-cranberry "fluff"
-homemade rolls
-punkin pie
-apple pie
-birthday cake (my mom's bday is on Monday)

And that was it. So delicious!
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Ours was a small gathering, just Mom and Dad and my brother and his semi-separated wife and their seven-year-old boy and me. Mom and I are vegetarians, so she bought a fancy spiral-cut honey-baked ham rather than fix the meat herself... but oh, what she did fix! We had:

- Fruit shishkebabs (strawberries, bananas, blackberries,
pineapple, and mandarin oranges on toothpicks)
- Yeast rolls
- Cornbread muffins
- Harvard beets
- Corn casserole (immortalized on some other
thread here as Dorie's Corn Casserole)
- Mashed potatoes
- Sweet potatoes sauteed in butter and brown sugar
- Two kinds of cranberry relish
- Pumpkin pie with whipped cream
- Hot apple crisp with vanilla bean ice cream

I helped a little, but for the most part, my 80-year-old mother managed that whole feast all by herself... and she saved some of the ham for the kitties, too. What a good mom! :-)
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We had the following:

Turkey (roasted, with sage, salt, pepper with stuffed onions and celery and rubbed vegetable oil around the turkey)
Homemade gravy
Honeybaked Ham
Stuffing (not Stove top--this is made from corn bread, white bread, and all sorts of stuff like carrots and cerely, let me know if you want the recipe)
Pumpkin (with roasted mashmellows on top, this tastes much better than yams)
Fruit Salad (apples, pineapple, pears, cherries, etc)
Green beans with bacon
cranberry sauce
Crescent rolls
olives, pickles, stuffed cerely
Granny's recipe~Pecan pie

I am still stuffed
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I love cooking also. I didn't do much for thanksgiving this year. I prepared the turkey for deep frying, stuffing, and garlic noodles. I also made some clam chowder for my mom because she was begging me for it the other day.

We're having another get together tomorrow. So far, my menu is:

roasted garlic mashed potatoes
turkey tortilla soup
buttery lemon salmon
buffalo wings
spinach dip
garlic cheese toast
swedish meatballs
corn bread with honey butter
possibly some mac & cheese
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