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Baby Kitten and T.V

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hey, what up guys!?

How many of your kitties watch T.V? Mine just sits there, infront of the tv and stares into it lol. I remember the first time she was intrigued by tv. I was watchin "24" and then she just stopped movin, looked into the screen and was completely amazed! Lol
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Hehe. I have one cat that enjoys watching. The others don't care as much. My cat Clover when he was young would sit next to the tv when there was a nascar race on and as the cars went off the tv, he'd paw at the side like he was trying to catch them.
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When my two are worn out from running their Kitty Races around the apartment, they will join me in watching some TV -- but only if it's something they like. Clyde seems to enjoy The West Wing, but Pearl prefers Two & A Half Men and Seinfeld reruns. And they both love Norm Abram's New Yankee Workshop and all the PBS cooking shows!

I'm sure I'll come home one day and find they've built themselves a cat tree and fixed dinner for me...
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My Kitty like nascar too. That and when the boys play a racing game. She goes wild for it!!
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I fostered a kitten recently who loved watching TV. She'd paw at the screen and meow for me to turn it on, then just sit and stare at it. She seemed to really enjoy the morning news and Friends' reruns.
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Sometimes I catch JoJo watching tv with me... but i think the funniest occurence wasn't with one of my own... one of my friends has three cats, Silas, Caspian and Mac. the first two are brother and sister (respectively)... while Mac was adopted in when the ohter two were around 3... one day, my friend put in the Monster's, Inc DVD... and you know the little Pixar short with the birds? Mac could've cared less about the birds... but the telephone poles whizzing by? Mac would climb up on the box below the TV and watch the phone poles whizz past... as soon as the birds showed up, he'd sit back down, and turn around to look at her. As if to say, "play it again, mama!!"

he's full grown now, and I don't know if he still does it, but it was so d*** cute when he did it.

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Mine love cartoons, specially. Anything that has bright colours, including computer.

What they really LOVE though, are videogames. My cat Popoki will even go as far as turn my Gamecube on. Right now my TV's broken down, and I'm hoping I'll find a job to buy another (not to mention pay the rent, and other things ) so they put up with my Gameboy. I'll turn it on, and when they hear the "ping" they all try to get on my lap. At least I'm in bed, and they can spill over
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My boy cat loves nature shows (especially ones with lions or snakes).

My sister's cat likes a certain computer game that she plays on her laptop. It involves cartoon fish...whenever they come on the screen, the kitty will attack them. She was declawed by her previous owner ( ) so she does no damage to the screen.

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im a student, so I am constantly on my laptop typing papers, etc. raja bats at the front of the screen as i type words, and then jumps behind the screen to see if she can catch her prey from the back. she is hilarious. sometimes not so funny though when i have papers that are due the next day!!!!
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Mrs. Bikeman's laptop was on the other day. She got up, and a few minutes later the screensaver came on, with the image in the middle bobbing and shifting all around the screen. You guessed it, kitten went up there and tried to bat the picture down. Talk about an "image capture!"

She's more careful now. I'm sure De*l would be more than happy to replace her screen after the cat got her claws into it.

There was a thread a while ago with someone mentioning that her cat would only sit and watch Godzilla movies, and not much else. That was hillarious.
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None of mine do. Jazz (my dog) does though.
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Oliver looooooovvvvvvveeeeeessssss tv! He loves sports like football, hockey and racing and of course animal planet! I leave the tv on for him almost all the time to keep him company and out of trouble, hehe - he's a tv junkie just like his mommy, hehehehe He's even getting the newest Garfield movie for Christmas (shh, dont tell him!) and already has a copy of the old Oliver Twist! I've looked into the cat sitter DVDs but havent gotten them yet... seeing him watch animal planet is the best though because he likes to chase things like shrews on the screen!
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I leave the television on for Seth at all times. We sleep in our bedroom, so I know she has to get bored for some of the hours that we are conked out! It is either on Animal Planet (which she loves) or the Atmospheres music channel. The music channel seems to keep her calm and help her sleep!
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