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Braces for cats?

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Just a quick question. My roommate took her Tiger Siamese, Jingles, to the vet (for something unrelated) a few months ago, and the specialist (or whatever he is) in the office suggested braces for Jingles. One of her bottom teeth kinda sticks out so when she closes her mouth you can still see it coming over her top "lip"... it's cute, but not sure if it's such a problem that the guy was making it out to be. She seemed to be pushy and looking out for the money. Just wondering if anyone ever has had braces suggested for their cat? They said it'd cost her $600 and she'd have to keep bringing Jings back to get the elastics (yeah you heard me right ) adjusted or whatever.
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I'd get a second opinion from a vet to see if the cat really is at a disadvantage for a tooth out of place. If it causes any trouble/pain in daily life then it needs to be worked on, but anything else would be asthetic which would be unnecessary for a cat. If the cat is living fine then I wouldn't think it to be necessary. Any vet should be able to give you an opinion on whether it is causing a problem or not.
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