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Recovery time?

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Hi All,
I'm going to be having my kitty spayed next week, but I was wondering how long it will take her to recover from the op.
See the thing is this, on the 20th Dec I'm booking her into a cattery because I'll be away and I don't wanna take her in if she's still recovering in case it upsets her.
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My little Serenity has taken a week to feel back to herself, but still is tiring easily and must be carefully monitored lest she should cause herself injury or pull out her stitches. Sweet baby!
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I would say a week or so to be sure the stitches have healed. But in terms of behaviour cats vary a lot - two of mine were themselves again within a day and Dushka took longer - about three days before she really felt able to run and jump as normal.
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It depends on her age. If she is under 5 months old, she will be acting like herself by that evening as if nothing had ever happened! If she is older than that, the 24 hour mark post-surgery is when she will start to feel better. She'll be back fully to herself in less than a week.
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I agree that about a week is normal for a female...but I have seen a cat that was quite young when spayed that really did act as if nothing at all had happened.
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