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putting up a xmas tree

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hello everyone

as xmas is coming i want to put up my christmas tree

im worried about my kitten climbing up it and hurting him self !!

any ideas that i can do so he dont hurt him self !

lara and bailey
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Well, that's comes with the kitten, lol. My advice is not to leave any lights or decorations down too low where he/she can reach, and just check in frequently, odds are she won't become interested enough to climb up it, but then again you never know.
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Oh how I can hardly wait to get the tree up for Serenity this year.
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From my experience, you kitty will more than likely climb the tree!! Both Tibby and Molly had a fantastic time in my parents'!! Itr was the tree that was injured not the cats!!

I wouldn't expect your kitten to injure herself, but just keep an eye on her when she's playing with/on/in the tree!
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Do not use tinsel or glass ornaments.

Some people hang citrus-scented car deodorizers on the tree, to deter the cats. This does not work on my Rowdy. A light misting of vinegar DOES seem to deter her. I have to renew it several times a day, though.
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Ha! Oh I thought Harley was going to be really good with the tree too, but no, this is what happens when you use tinsel:

Good luck with your tree, I think that a majority of cats just love the tree, and presents! I've learned this the hard way!!
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One suggestion is to put up the tree and leave it undecorated for a couple days. Then you will have some idea of how interested kitty will be in the tree before you get started.

I guess I'm really lucky - my two never had much of a fascination with the Christmas tree. They like laying underneath it. We don't put garland on the tree because it won't stay on (we now use beads instead, which they leave alone), and we do put the most kitty friendly ornaments toward the bottom with nothing dangling under the tree, just in case. But overall, they are very well behaved when it comes to the tree itself.

Now, wrapping presents...that's a different story!
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I'm worried about even putting the tree up, last year I had 4 cats I now have 8, EIGHT , and I can't beleive they are going to leave it alone they are so nosey they will think everything on that tree is there's and I don't want to have to scream and yell I'll be warn out. Of course everyone in my family says oh you have to put it up it's always so Beautiful, well it is Beautiful, but only till I walk away from it I'm guessing,
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thats guys thats great advise and nice to hear from other experiences !!!

i think im gonna put it up bear then add things bit by bit and just see how it goes !!

lara and bailey x x
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We put ours up today . . . Jinx was too tired to help us clean up:

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We got lucky and got a tree from my in-laws that doesn't have super strong branches. They just bend like crazy when the cats try to do anything with them. We put our ornaments up a little higher, so they won't bat at them and used a tinsel that doesn't have much the cats can bat at. When I was a kid we had a cat who would climb up in our tree and sleep! She ruined that poor tree, but she was so cute doing it.
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I let my cats play with the adornments... They're plastic (the adornments, not my cts ) and cheap... If they want to bat them all over the house, I'll get some new ones next year
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When my cat, Leah, was a kitten, she would always climb up the thing too. We had an artificial tree. She was fine and didnt get hurt, but just make sure your cat doesnt make the tree fall down! Dont worry about it way too much.
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