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Back Home!

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Hi guys,
Thanks to those who were able to send me some good vibes for my flight back from India. I made it home! BF surprised me...he told me he wouldn't be able to get back home in time, and he was waiting by the door for me when my car pulled up

I also wanted to note that my cats...have actually been getting along! BF said they had been occupying my side of the bed for the past two weeks...and they did tonight as well, as I've been sleeping (but now awake, still adjusting to the dang time change) for a few hours...but the msot surprising thing...they actually jumped on the computer desk and both hung out...with neither one of them bothering the other, but also no fighting! What a trip!

Anyway just wanted to leave a note that I am safe and tucked away at home. Hurray!
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What a great boyfriend you have surprising you like that! ....and what a great welcome home with your kitties getting along!

I bet you're so pleased to be back home - I hope the jet lag wears off quickly for you!

Was the flight okay?!
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Im so glad that your flight went well, and what a wonderful boyfriend you have there!!
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So pleased to hear that your home now. I wont call Charlie great - he SHOULD be there to surprise you - I would expect nothing less LOLOL (just kidding - good on ya Charlie!!)

However - those kitties of yours. Now thats simply amazing. I can only imagine how your heart melted with this considering what happened at the beginning.

I am sooooooooo please for you and pleased that your tucked up back at home now!
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Welcome Back! ..
Any pic of the trip?...
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