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The Princess Anastasia: Reluctant hang-glider. . . .

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The Princess Anastasia came to me after I had moved from the tudor in Chevy Chase, MD. and back into an efficiency apt. on the eighth floor of an older building off 18th St. in NW D.C. Joann had married Mr. Wright (Mr. Stephen Wright to be specific ), and he did not want to live with cats.(we are remembering what I said on this subject earlier, right children ?) So, Joann asked me to keep her aging female Chris as well as my Squeaker, our Beaujangles and T. Hatch. I now have 4 cats in an efficiency apt. and she has a 27yr. old firefighter/paramedic and a three bedroom house in rural MD.(Guess who got the better of the deal?) One Sunday morning another tenant who was moving out of the building abandoned a 4-6mo. old silver grey longhaired Burmeese in a box in the hallway by the elevator with a plaintiff note, and two young girls, who knew I loved casts cats brought her to me saying that their Mom wouldn't let them keep the kitten and did I want it ? Now, what do you think. . . . I had never had a longhair and she was so beautiful. The note said her name was Princess Anastasia and she did carry herself royally! She seemed just a little timid, but can you imagine being abandoned. . . . .You would be a little timid too. I brought her in to meet my kids and Mr. BJ feel into the role of her guardian immediately. For a neutered young man, he still loved the ladies. Anastasia's favorite thing was to sit in the kitchen window and coo along with the pidgeons every morning, she also loved the warm sunshine, but seldom ventured out on the balcony like the others did. I was always a little scared because we were on the eighth floor, but no one ever fell; even though they insisted on walking around the inch wide wrought iron railing. . . . .One summer morning the kitchen window was opened, but the screen in place, when Princess Anastasia came running in from the living area a jumped in the window to greet the pidgeons. The screen came loose against her pounce and it all happened so fast I barely saw the screen fall outward with her splayed spread eagle, claws caught in the flying screen. I stood there shocked for a half second, not knowing what to do. I grabed my keys and ran out of the apt. The elevator would be too slow, so I flew down 8 flights of stairs out to the parking lot under the kitchen window. What would I find? I shuddered to think that my baby girl would be splattered all over the concrete! I didn't see her right away, until the janitor said "Lady, if you're looking for that animal that just rode that screen down from up there. I think it's over behind that dumpster or maybe in it." The Princess Anastasia was indeed in the dumpster still spread and claw caught in the kitchen window screen. I pried her loose and held her close; she was stuned, but unhurt that I could tell. Apparently the screen had acted like a glider against the wind and she had ridden it to safety. The next day, after I had made sure the screen was secure, and every day after that, she greeted her bird buddies in the kitchen sunshine. The next stories will have to be told in installments as they are the saga of how I and my two brothers and 3 cats returned to MO. from Wash. D.C. in a car, with all my belongings in a U-Haul trailer on back, thru one of the largest and longest snow storms to hit the East Coast. It just keeps getting better and better; and again I swear, thee stories are true. . . . . . Threeleggedkat.
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Really enjoy yours and everyone else's stories. Decided to post one of my own.

Laughter keeps you young, and cats keep you laughing!
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Threeleggedkat.....Noone could possibly enjoy your stories more than I!!! I love them!! They make me think, and they make me laugh! But is there any way you could post them all under one thread....maybe title it "Threeleggedkats's stories" (or something to that effect)

That way you will be able to keep all your stories together (like a book ) and also...as a moderator...I am trying to do my job and keep all threads with a common theme together.

Please understand! I LOVE your stories!!! The only bad part obout being a mod is saying..."hey..please keep them all in one thread"

We LOVE hearing them!!! And this way, when we want to show someone else, or refer to them...we know which thread they are in.

Luv ya. Debby
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Three, can you imagine the suprise the janitor had watching a screen fly/floating down with a cat stuck to it, ears back, hair on end? That had to be one of the strangest things he had ever seen. Great story by the way! I can't wait to read more.
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Thank goodness she was all right. Oh, but what a sight that must have been, a cat gliding down from the sky. LOL
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Dear Darlene, (by the way...I feel so privileged)
You are toooooooo much. I have now proclaimed you my favorite bedtime story teller. Thank the Lord that cat survived. Talk about 9 Lives! I can't wait to hear the others. Now I have a big concern here. Just think if one the large pet chain stores is going to get hold of this story and think that cats really love doing that and mass market hand gliders for them..lol....hey, stranger things have happened and listening to your stories...I'm sure they have! Oh yeah...Anne I hope you read this and put these stories in one thread as Debby mentioned!!! PLEASE
Love ya....

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