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killings in CT--please speak out

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I wasn't sure where to post this as it doesn't have to do with cats, but it's definitely an animal related SOS. The state of Connecticut is currently sanctioning the killing of wild monk parakeets by the United Illuminating company who claim that the birds' nests on utility poles are a hazard. The birds have been in the area for years and there is little evidence to suggest that they are harming anything. I grew up in CT and we owned a monk parakeet (aka quaker parrot) who we had rescued as a baby from the wild. Sammy crossed the bridge a little over a year ago and he was the sweetest, most intelligent little guy you'd ever want to meet. It brings tears to my eyes that the state and even the Audubon Society are supporting this measure. They go in under cover of darkness and lure the birds out of their nests, trap them then send them to be gassed to death by the USDA. I can't imagine the terror these poor innocent creatures must be experiencing. Apparently some of the birds are being used for research as well. There are other much more humane options that other states have used to deter the parrots from building nests on utility poles that do not involve the mass slaughter of whole colonies. I'm sick over this and outraged that UI customers' (who have no choice but to pay for their electricity) and tax payers' dollars are being used to fund this atrocity. Please, please, please sign the petition and contact the officials listed at the sites I've posted below. I just know that all of you as animal lovers will be as outraged as I was. Thanks for reading.


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I'm sorry to hear that. I'm confused though, I visited Conneticut once or twice, and never saw any parrots? What part of Conneticut are they located in?
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I am sorry too.
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I signed the petition. I'm glad I found this post. It really makes me sick that so many humans view animals as objects and as property.
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Thanks so much, Barbara. I know, this whole thing is outrageous. They don't seem to care what the public thinks. I'm just so upset.
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