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Pregnant momma Goldie!

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My little feral baby factory appears pregnant. She is in the kitty condo with all the comforts - trapped about 3 weeks ago. I had hoped this was not the case at the time I trapped her, and was not wanting another litter of kittens to place, but.........

She is very round and her nipples are extended. I can feel some movement in her tummy when I hold my hand there for a few minutes.
To my knowledge this is her 3rd litter - she brought me the other 2 during this past year.

We are going to the Vet this next week for a check up now that I can handle her some - but I have never had a pregnant animal in my home.

Any tips of nutrition, and how to help her and have a safe delivery would be appreciated.

Goldie and me!
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Wow, another litter!! Congratulation, at least you know this will be her last.
When Sunshine was pg. the vet had me feeding her kitten food for the extra nutrition. That was the only change we really had to make until it got closer to delivery and we set up a basket w/ blankets etc for her.

Good luck!!!!!!!!! I just live iddy biddy kiddens!!
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Thanks Daniela - I will get some kitten chow. I have to admit I am excited about iddy-biddy babies! I hope it will go well!!!!
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Sunshine was really pregnant when we got her....and as much as I was disturbed that more kittens were coming into this over populated cat world, it was really exciting to have the kittens around!!!!!!! We had so much fun with them till then went to their new homes. And my kids were in their glory!
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