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Tubs the cat idea.

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I just had a brilliant idea! I just saw "Tubs the cat" under someones post, saying something about having too big a signature. Well why dont you put a pic of Tubs next to everyones username, except the bigger he is, means the more posts you have.

Ex: Tubs has 10 different pics. The firs pic will be small, thats for like 1-10 posts. His tenth pic, the biggest, will be for 10,000+ posts. So you can tell what type of memeber you are by the size of Tubs' picture next to your username. Sound like a good idea?
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If vBulletin supports that?
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Originally Posted by coaster
If vBulletin supports that?
Hmm most likely not.
It is a great idea, though, and if it is somehow possible that would be pretty cool. Very creative--I would like that, too.
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Thanks for the idea, but it is doubtful that it would fly on the board.
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Oh man I thought that would work out Purr-fectly. LOL im crazy today.
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Tubs would be flattered at the idea, but he only makes cameo appearances.
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I don't know about that. Sounds to me like the more I indulge my addiction to TCS, the bigger I get. Too much like my chocolate addiction-just get bigger and bigger the more I eat! LOL!
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