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Is Angel odd??

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Angel is our younger female cat, she is around 1 1/2 years old I think. She is fixed and never had kittens. She takes little stuffed animal toys they have and she puts them in the food dish and hangs them on the side of the water dish but never in the water.

I assume she is being a mom cat to these little stuffed toys. Is this weird or does anyone out there have a female that does this stuff also?

Whats weird is when we had those tiny kittens here she could not have cared less about them.

She is by far the smartest cat we have, I have a big battery powered mouse that runs around all over and backs up and turns, when I turn it on all the male cats chase it all over and act like it is real and try to "kill" it, its real funny to watch, but Angel just lays in a chair or on the couch and watches all the boys with this look on her face like what a bunch of idiots.

We also have a 75 lb dog, and when Angel gets bored she will bug the dog when the dog is trying to sleep till the dog has enough of it and takes off after Angel, and the dog is not in a playing mood but Angel is to fast for Kelsey ,or dog, to catch her, so the dog will go lay down again and in a little while I will hear the dog tell the cat what she thinks and goes after Angel again, Angel is playing with fire doing this but she does it anyways.

Some days Angel should have been named Devil, she can cause so much heck around here if she wants to. She don't like Tuffy either, Tuffy will be sleeping and Angel will attack him for no reason, Tuffy will defend himself but very rarely does he fight back unless Angel keeps it up then Tuffy will kick her butt for her and not in a playing way but Angel won't leave him alone. I don't know why she don't like Tuffy, all the other cats like him, Unless it has something to do with Tuffy being sick all the time and he has a smell to him that Angel don't like. Maybe Angel is jealous of Tuffy because Angel was my buddy before Tuffy showed up and now Tuffy is moving in on her terf, Me

Sorry for wandering way off my reason for the tread,
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Putting toys in the food/water dish is not really about mothering--rather, it shows that she has a strong "hunters" drive. She "hunts" the little toys, and then deposits them in the dish to show the other kitties, as well as her human, what a good little hunter she is!
As for the Angel/Tuffy dynamic, often what looks to us like rough fighting is actually just play. Cats use roughhousing to try to establish their "hierarchy" in the household--she could definitely be trying to be Top Cat!

Sounds like she's quite the lively little lady!
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I like Angel already! She sounds a lot like my mom's longhaired calico, Sassy. Sassy is full of energy, extremely playful, and easily bored. Dylan, her lazy ol' grey tabby companion, will be sleeping ever so peacefully... and Sassy will come along and tickle his face with her tail until he wakes up, then stroll away swishing that fluffy tail back and forth as if to say, "Come 'n' get me, big boy!" If Dylan doesn't respond, she'll come back and just tackle him outright -- whatever it takes to start something... :-)
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Hi, Angel don't put the toys in the water dish, she carefully hangs them on the edge of the dish with the head of they toy towards the water.I have gone in the back room many times and seen these toys drinking water

Thats why I think she is trying to get them to eat and drink.
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My new kitten puts her toys in the water bowl also. I can't imagine why Angel hangs them like that. That sure is cute, though.
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Hi, Well Angel picked the wrong night to pick on Tuffy, He normaly don't react to much when Angel bugs him, most times he just turns his back to her, well tonight Tuffy must have had enough of Angel, I heard Angel hissing and spitting so I assumed she was fighting with Panther, which they do sometimes. Anyway I was in the back room doing wash and here comes Angel with Tuffy after her, Tuffy took his front leg and took Angels feet out from under her and she fell on the floor and Tuffy really kicked her butt for her.

Angel then runs over by me like I am going to protect her but I just watched thinking to myself that she had it coming for treating Tuffy so bad for so long. Tuffy wasn't done though and came after her again and she ran under a old dresser in the back room till Tuffy gave up and left. Maybe now she won't try to bully him around so much. I can't see where they hurt each other at all and they are both sleeping about 4 ft from each other now. Tuffy has no problem standing up for himself if pushed far enough I guess, and he is probably feeling better every day on his new meds so that probably changed is attitude some also.
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Wow, you have an interesting little kitty, don't you?
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