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Info on Persian Cats

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I have a Persian kitten that is 14 weeks old that I purchased from a local breeder. I am a first time cat owner and loved the look of Persians. I recently went to a cat show and the Persians there were huge! My kitten weighs 2 1/2 - 3 lbs and her mother and father were 6 & 7 lbs. She was a registered Persian. One breeder at the show was very rude and said she must have been the runt and maybe she has a bone disease. She said there aren't any petite Persians. I had never seen Persians in person, only pictures so I didn't know how large they were. There was a 5 month old kitten that would make 2 of mine (6 weeks diff). He was so heavy, must have weighed 7 or 8 lbs. Also, the kittens at this show had really flat faces and mine has a little more nose. Are these different breeds of Persians? I am going to get another one and for sure I want one of the fat, rollie-pollie ones, I just didn't know there was such a difference. Does anyone know of a website for Persians or maybe there's a Persian breeder at this website. Thanks for your help.
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Persians are great! I have one, although I didn't have him as a kitten, I adopted him 6 months ago. If you're looking on an informational website about these guys check out http://www.persian-cats.com It sounds like you have a doll faced Persian, the type that face isn't as flat as the ones you saw at the show. I hope this will be helpful.
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Show Persians have flat faces as that's what the standard calls for. As for the size of your baby, it might have been the runt of the litter or it might be one that is a slower grower. Have you taken your baby to the vet to determine if she needs to be dewormed as that might be the reason she's very light weight? Do you keep food out for her all day? I would speak with your vet about the type of food she should be getting to gain the weight. As for the breeder, as long as you felt comfortable with her, her house didn't smell, all of her cats were healthy looking and she really cared for your baby, then that's what matters. As for people at shows, I too have seen rude people until they find out that I'm a judge (for AACE) and a breeder (abys and oriental shorthairs) and some do change their minds but I always remember the rude people and don't bother with them. Enjoy your baby and if you want to ask anything, this is the place or you can contact me privately and I might be able to help.

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Persians are large boned heavy cats with pushed in faces. However, you can very well have a pet quality Persian and so what? If your baby is sweet and docile (as most Persians are) and healthy - it doesn't matter if the kitten is show quality or not. If you want a show quality Persian, you should do some research - you could also contact someone in Persian and Himilayan rescue (Pfilosa@aol.com - also I link to Persian rescue on my website - www.listnow.com/helpingpaws) to get some recommendations on breeders. Frannie could certainly recommend breeders to you - you could also go onto www.breedlist.com - they will have all sorts of info for you. But for now just enjoy your baby.
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