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Ok, sure could use some more prayers...

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Alright, well...I know I ask quite a lot of thoughts and prayers from you all, but I really know that they have worked in the here it goes....

Zack's grandmother "Granny" (she is 86 years old), was just sent back into the hospital today at lunch for the 3rd time this week. She's had heart problems, anemia, UTI and now she has pneumonia. Please, please pray that these antibiotics help her recover. We doubt she will be able to spend Thanksgiving at the house this year Looks like we will go see her at the hospital though.

Also, a family friend had a stroke yesterday...please pray for her.
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Sending my thoughts and prayers!!!
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Oh no, Candie, so much to happen all at once and right here at the Holidays, as well. I'm so sorry Granny is in the hospital and your family friend having a stroke, as well. Such a tough time for you and family! You will be in my prayers.
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Oh poor Granny! ......
Lot of good wishes to Her Candie.......
and my prayers tonight goes for her! ...
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Granny was put back into the hospital again last night. Please continue to pray for her

P.S. For those of you that don't know, Mittens will be coming home from the hospital tomorrow maybe
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I'm sorry to hear about your family members, Candie. My thoughts are with them.
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Prayers that your family members heal quickly and that you have aHappy Christmas
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Get well soon vibes on the way!!!
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Got my prayers! I will ask Allah to help your friends!
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I am praying for her healthy recovery!
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Thinking of you, and her!
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Aw I definitly have her in my thoughts.
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Candice, Zach's grandmother is in my prayers.
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Aw, I hope Granny is feeling better, and your family friend. And Mittens, too, of course. Such a hard time of year to be dealing with illness. May your family have a Merry Christmas despite all the challenges!
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Good vibes for the whole family coming your way.
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I'm sending best wishes for Zach's grandmother, and for Mittens, too.
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Aww....I hope Zachs grandmother recovers and Mittens too!!
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Sending prayers and hugs your way!
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