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Licking, Chewing and Eating Plastic

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My cat Misty licks, chews and eats plastic. I have no idea why. Is this bad? It doesn't seem to effect her any. Is there any way I could stop her? I would appretiate any help or advice given.
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Is she's ingesting it there's always the potential for blockage. My cats like to play and sometimes chew on the plastic rings that come off of milk cartons. I keep a close eye on them when they have them so when they start chewing on it it goes in the trash. I'm not really sure why they do that and I haven't read anything that says why either. Just t be on the safe side if she's eating the plastic I would take it away from her.
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My understanding is that come plastic like grocery bags are made with fish oils, etc that make them attractive to out kits. BUT! I would make sure that Misty does NOT ingest any plastic - it could block her intestinal tract and cause lots of major health problems.
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Thanks for your replies. I Always take it away from her and tell her no. lol lately she's been using it to get me to do something. Like in the middle of the night when she is bored and wants me to play she lick the plastic to make noise to get me up. As soon as I show I'm up she jumps on me and wants to play hehe.
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Cleopatra, one of my cats, licks, and eats candles! Whenever I see her doing this, I sternly say NO! and take away the candles. I have had to hide all my candles now though, because she won't stop!
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Isn't it strange what they will eat?
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For a while, Gizmo was chewing on the phone cords! He seems to have stopped *for now*
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is a wicked plastic eater he threw up a piece the other day off a pack of butts - little brat - can't leave anything out anymore! just little pieces though - no bags or anything - and loves string - yum..... :tounge2:
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I was looking at some website about cats the other day, and I remember reading that licking certain things can be a sign of nutritional deficiency or illness. You might want to call your vet and ask them about it. My vet is really good about giving advice and answering questions.
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