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a "wolf"?

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hoshi has a hole (or what seems to be turning into one). my mom called it a "wolf" (i'm not sure if that is how you spell it but it's the best I can do right now). she said that she had a dog at one time that had something that looked like what hoshi has now on her throat. she also said that eventually the hole will eat into their throat.
a few weeks ago it seemed like everything was healed up, but yesterday i was petting her and i noticed that sore was back...and this time it was deeper.

i'm not sure what this is, but it seems it's what mom has been telling me about. if anyone knows anything about this it will be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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I've never heard of what your mom described.

To me it sounds like an abscess which cats get easily with scratches/wounds. It would need to be drained to prevent infection.
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i really no way of paying for a vet visit. i get like $50 a week with my job. she doesn't seem to be in any pain, but it still scares me to think that she is getting sick.
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Do you have a picture or digi camera to show? Its really hard to tell from what you describe. Is there swelling? Pus? Scabbing? Is she acting any different?
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she is acting the same and no i don't have a camera to take a picture. it's just merely a hole (it does end it's not all the way through) and it seems to be quite clean (no pus, infection). my mom has put triple anti-biotic ointment on there last night..would that be ok to do?
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Maybe someone has more answers than me. But it seems if there is no sign of infection, pus, or temperment change then that might be the best you can do. I'd only watch that she dosen't lick the area, particularly with teh solution on it. Hopefully it will go away soon.
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A hole like that (and this is only a guess) sounds like what my vet calls a 'sterile abscess' that needs to be kept clean with antiseptic but will clear up on its own. Sometimes antibiotic makes it worse, because it heals it from t he outside, leaving infection deep inside. When Persil had one, I bandaged it with gauze, and a pad soaked in dilute betadene antiseptic, changing it daily. It got better after about ten days. But this was done with the advice of my vet and without a vet seeing your cat it is impossible to say if that is the same. Abscesses are nasty and can kill if not treated properly.
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