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Rotating toys?

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Should kitten toys be rotated to aviod boredom? Our kitty seems to get bored of toys quickly and I've read that it's better to give them a few toys at a time.

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Rotating toys makes them more novel. I really should start doing that wtih my cats. With them they naturally rotate teh toys though. They will get hidden under something and by the time we discover it again its all new.

Dont' forget the crumpled piece of paper. This is one of my cats favorite toys.
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and stick your catnip toys in the freezer or the refrigerator to keep them fresh
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Yes, do rotate your toys. But keep them out of circulation for long enough so that they're "new" to the cat when you take them out of storage. I'd say about a month will do it.

That being said, two of my three cats each have one toy they never seem to get tired of, so I never rotate it into storage.
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What I do is when I round up all the lost toys from behind couch or where ever I put them in a old ice cream pail and the cats dig out what they want.

It don't take long and the pail is empty again though.
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I pretty much split Oliver's lot of toys in half and switch them out when I vacuum (pretty much once a week).... his few favorites stay out all the time... even if I put them away, he goes to the basket and drags them out himself, so it's pointless, haha
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I'll tell you..my cat has a few toys, but what he REALLY likes playing with is my hairbands! I cannot leave them lying on the coffee table or night stand, becuase he will reach up and get them and bat them to goodness knows where, then I cannot find them when I need them. Then when i clean house I find them in odd places like..under the stove, behind the fridge, etc. Its funny how the simplest thing can provide hours of play and fun for your kitties. I finally put MY hairbands where I can't get them and bought him 4 or 5 of his own to play with..LOL!
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My cats seem to rotate their own toys. I have a basket I put all of the toys in when i'm cleaning and the cats selectively chose which to play with that week, every week it seems to be a new selection. The cats also play with the basket which is entertainment in itself. My cats also fetch, normally at inconvenient times like when i'm sleeping.
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What they want is for you to play with them... drag a knotted string (tiny jerks) under a sheet of newspaper (that you're done with!) and they'll go crazy! Do it as long as you can stand it. They'll outlast you every time.
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