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Boss gave Notice

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My Boss just told me today that he is leaving for a better paying job. He has only been here for 3 months and I was comfortable with our working relationship. Now I have to start all over again, whish is frustrating. I want to apply for his job, but last time it came up the Unit coordinator said that I didn't have enough expreiance. I can't see that i've developed that much more experiance in the past 3 months, but I have been making great progress in the tasks assigned to me (i'm working on a neverending project that constantly has to be updated). In the Mean time I will be given more responcibility and have more people to answer to durring the hireing phase. I can't see him being replaced befor Christmas so you can understand that my stress level will be increasing. I kind of feel daunted because I will once again have to basically train my supervisor on what i'm doing.
I need some advice, should I apply for his job and get turned down or, not bother and once again train my boss.
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I would try again!!! Good luck!
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Try again. The worst that could happen is no. the best..YES
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I guess my first question is what type of work is it and do you have the qualifications? Being able to do a job that you've been trained on-the-job to do is very different than being put in charge and having to take on all the duties that job entails, such as preparing budgets, being accountable for getting the bills paid, payroll, etc., etc.

For instance, I'm quite capable of looking after the day-to-day things for the General Manager, the QC Manager and Marketing Manager in my job, but I don't have enough knowledge or experience/education to take over any one of their jobs by a long shot.
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If you are qualified than apply!! Redo your resume and all of that good stuff. put it on fancy paper( it does work)

you would have to train your never super so why dont you skip that and try to get yourself the job!!! Good Luck!!
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