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Needed: Only cat home In VA/NC area

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My friend just found a cat outside in the cold just sort of hanging around the house. They brought the cat in and got it all up to date on her shots and she is already spayed 3-4 years old.

She is very good at using the litter box, evidently loves being inside, and is very sweet. She is I believe a calico.

The thing is they will have to put her to sleep unless they can find a home that has no other cats that can take her. The cat tested positive for FIV which can be transmitted to other cats and they currently have 2. My friend really wants to keep her but it won’t be possible. She could lead a full life and there is a small chance she dosen’t have FIV (the vaccine can make a cat test positive).

Is anyone interested? I know the chance of finding someone is not likely but I thought I'd try.
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Please see the posting on Best Friends
Animal site re: FIV cats and non FIV
living together. It CAN be done! Urge your friend to read
this (and read yourself) to be more educated about
the rumors that aren't true about FIV....


Summaryespite what many people think, cats with this condition can live perfectly long, happy, healthy lives. FIV stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. I started to explain that a friend of mine, Karen Green, has had her FIV cat, Bentley, living with her other cats for five years, but Connie was already glazing over.

Full text article here:

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Thanks for the info! I'll go read it right now. If she could keep this cat she would!! Also the 2 cats that are living there are her sons who may move out in a year or 2 but they can't be certain. She really wants to keep this stray.
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This is wonderful news. My only other question then: I see it says it would have to be a really bad bite wound to become infected but teh fact sheet linked off of this site says its transmitted through saliva. What if the cats get so they groom each other, wouldn't that cause transmission?
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FIV is a blood-borne virus so the saliva would have to enter the blood stream. Unless there is an open wound, I don't think grooming would result in an infection.
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Wonderful thanks! This kitties future is looking a lot brighter!
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So...what about the kitty? Are you keeping it?
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