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Ganging up on the vaccum

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When the vaccum is on 2 of my cats, Xavier and Sampson are no where to be found but after I shut it off they come out to investigate. Xavier crouches behind the nearest object watching the vaccum carefully. Slowly he'll creep out and sit a few inches away from it just staring at it untill suddenly he'll start pawing at it. After a few swats he'll run away and hide behind the nearest chair then he'll crawl back out and do it again.
Sampson will just walk right over to it and he'll take a few minutes to sniff it and then he'll start licking the hose usually untill I tell him to stop.
Any stories of strange behavior with household objects?
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Both of my babies are scared of the vacuum also. It's funny to watch them walk over to it cautiously after it's off...kinda telling it who's really boss!
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Ophelia just runs and hides, but Trent hisses at the vacuum and will even swat at it. Until it actually comes toward him. Then he backs up, jumps on top of the bed and does his "Brave" act again.
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Dani runs to the furtherest corner of the apartment and stays there for almost 30 minutes after the vacuum cleaner stops. Most times she's hiding behind the TV. If you try to coax her out she'll hiss at you.

mom to Dani Night Stalker
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The tabby we had when I was a child used to take rides on the vaccum cleaner - he thought it was a fun game.......
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Arizona is, technically, afraid of the vacuum...but she is just too nosy to avoid it for longer than five minutes. When it comes on, she runs to hide under the bed--but she invariably reappears a few minutes later to watch the Whooshing Monster from a corner or chair.
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Both of my cats are scared of the vacuum. But recently, Cleo broke out of that habit when a salesperson was doing one of those silly vacuum demonstrations in our apartment. When the guy turned on that vacuum, Cleo ran at it and pawed it, hissed at it, and jumped straight up in the air and pounced on it. She wanted that vacuum dead!!! Noah was still scared though!:chicken:
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Fitz is the opposite. He will actually run to where the vacuum noise is coming from, usually the bathroom when I'm cleaning up his daily litter trail. Sometimes he'll play with the hose while I'm cleaning but mostly he just lies down next to me-just enough to be in the way.
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I have a few of each. I have some that could care less and some that run as if I were chasing them with an ax. I have the smaller one meant for the wood floors that most tolerate pretty well. Kaos likes to chase it and try to catch the cord as I am going from room to room. Annie likes to sit on a perch and watch me, then she looks at the other cats that are running as if to say "what's your problem?". Then of course, there's the dog. He actually sits and waits to be vaccumed with the hose
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Sandie that is too funny! My dog Libby who is part Husky blows her coat twice a year and when it's that time we vacuum her with the hose whenever we vacuum. She just rolls over on her back and lets us vacuum away! The cats on the other hand run and duck for cover!
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LOL, that's great!!! My dog isn't the only lunatic!! When he's done, if you try and get him to play, he will actually bite at the end when the vaccum is still sucking..lol.
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Yeah, read my last post in the "vocal towards toy" thread below. My kitty Spidey is such a weirdo! And he has a shoe obsession. He likes to put his toys in my shoes, take them out, put it in a different shoe, repeat over and over. Sometimes he backs away, attacks the shoe and the shoe goes flying. I have learned to search under things to find my shoes. He especially likes to put cellophane-wrapped candy or the fuzzy sparkly balls in the shoes. But the laundry basket obsession takes the cake...go read the other thread!
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