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My LITTLE MAN is (at this very moment) under the knife.....

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Yeapers.... Garfield is getting fixed.... finally!!!
I had 3 previous appointments for him but all were cancelled.

I almost had to cancel this one b/c the transmission in my truck is being repaired and I had no ride to the vets. But I borrowed a friends truck.

It was so funny because on the way to the vets he was meowing so loud and weird (he is a "talker"), and I asked him if he was still my "little man" and he meowed really loudly (as if he was screaming at me) and I swear it sounded like a "NO"!!!!!

I laughed so hard.
And I told him "oh yes you are"

I tried to get him out of his carrier to kiss him bye and his body was so stiff. I guess he was so scared. he just looked at me and gave me a real big meow as if he was saying "Mommy, give me a second chance" "I wont eat your computer microphone anymore"

Anyways, please give us good vibes that it all goes well. I pick him up between 3:30 and 4:00 today.

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Sending many {{{wellness}}} your way!!! Let us know how he does!
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Aw, poor little guy! I'm sure he'll be just fine and romping around again before you know it.
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Garfield is in my prayers.
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Poor little guy! Sending good vibes his way!
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Aww Garfield . Sending y'all some good vibes...he'll be great!
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Prayers, good thoughts and good Vibes to Garfield.
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sending vibes to garfield
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Lot of prayers & good thoughts for Garfield & a hug for a speedy recovery.
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Awww poor little guy! Lots of good vibes coming your way!
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He is such a pretty boy! Good vibes to Garfield and hugs to his meowmy.
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Awww, thanks everyone~!!!
The vet called and said he was the 1st surgery this morning and that he was doind GREAT so we went and got him an hour early!!!

He is soooo loveable. He normally is but OH MY is he ever now!!

My husband just took 2 pics of us and I have to run to the doctor for my daughter right now but I promise to post them as soon as I return.

Thanks and hugs from me and Garfield!!!

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Garfield is a beyoooootiful glad it went well!
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So glad to hear that Garfield is home and doing well. Scritches for the lovely boy and for Mum.
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Okay here are a couple of pics that we took right after we got home with him.

As of right now he is being his rotten little Garfield self.

Also, here is a thread that I made about him today.....
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garfield is such a good boy!!! He's such a sweetie and still will be your good little boy! Kitters cries at me in the "NO" way when we have to go to the vet too or in the car!!!!
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Great pictures!

I am so very glad to hear that everything went well for Garfield!!
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Glad to hear Garfield is home and doing well!
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Awww, good vibes for sweet Garfield. He looks so grumpy!
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