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Walk The Line

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I couldn't find the other thread about it, so I started a new one. I saw it last night, and it was even better than I thought it would be. Real Johnny Cash fans will be amazed at how good the cast is, and those that do not really know a lot about them will just love it as a great movie.
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It was amazing. I absolutely loved the movie. Can you believe they actually recorded all the music themselves? Joaquin Phoenix did an amazing job as Johnny Cash. And the chemistry between John and June was electrifying. I hope Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon both get Oscars for their performances.
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I didn't see it but wish I had. Though it might have been on cable, which I don't have. I did see Johnny Cash at a live concert once and really enjoyed him.
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Originally Posted by Felicia's Mom
I didn't see it but wish I had. Though it might have been on cable, which I don't have. I did see Johnny Cash at a live concert once and really enjoyed him.
It's not on cable, it was just released in the movie theatres last Friday.
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It would be interesting to see how Jaoquin pulls of Johnny Cash. I have little doubt by how well he's performed in other movies. I heard on TV that he became an alcoholic to get into his role. Eventually, he checked into a rehab.
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Joaquin Phoenix absolutely nailed Johnny Cash, mannerisms, facial expressions, everything. I am a longtime Cash fan, and I was truly impressed. It was hard to believe that they actually did their own singing, and IMO Reese Witherspoon is a better singer than June Carter-Cash. She was so funny! The whole cast was brilliant! It included an Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Mother Maybelle Carter, pretty much everyone who was anyone in that era. Waylon Jennings was played by his son, Shooter Jennings.
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I am SO looking forward to seeing this movie! I love Joaquin Phoenix, and have been really impressed with his acting (and he's not hard to look at). Reese Witherspoon was one that I see a lot of potential beyond the ditzy blonde she's been cast as by Hollywood, and it looks like this could be her breakout role. I love that she's Southern and makes no excuses about it - embraces who she is and her roots.
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I haven't heard of it till now. Sounds good!
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I can absolutely not wait til I go and see it this weekend!!
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Now I want to see it even more! I have been waiting for it to come out since I read about it last year! Glad to hear its a great movie
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I wish it was showing here. I really want to see it!!

Someone mentioned that before Johnny and June died they chose these two actors to play them in this movie. I don't know how true it is though.
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I just saw the movie this afternoon. It was a wonderfull movie. Reese Witherspoon stole the show in my opinion she has a great singing voice. I liked it so well. I'm going to go see it again with friends that haven't gone yet!
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i just saw the preview for it on tv and looks like a good movie i wanna go see it
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I think Reese Witherspoon should consider a career as a country singer. She is a lot better that most of the generic country bimbos selling millions of records these days.
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