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Got a phone call tonight from a neighbor 2 doors down. Seems this man ran into her home- shrieked at the top of his voice, ran outside peered into her windows and took off down the road to our place and ran into our garage! Yipes! The cops were here did a full search of the property but couldn't find the "hairy man." We just let Kenai out when the lady called and though she ran tearing out back to the creek, there appears to be no person around here now. Poor lady in her 70's and scared to death now. He busted her front door down with his foot, she lives in a trailer set back from the road.
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Yikes!! That's scary stuff!!!! And so bazarre! At least no one was injured in the ordeal.
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How scary! I'm sure I don't have to tell you this, but it makes me feel better, lock your doors and windows. I wouldn't be sleeping for a while. Glad everyones okay.
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OMG!!!! That sounds really scary!!! I hope the police will be making extra patrols in your neighorhood tonight just in case!
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I swear, hissy, you live out there in the middle of nowhere and have nonstop drama going on. I live in the big city and work in the 'hood, and the biggest excitement in my day was that a wasp got in the house.

Go figure.
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Oh Hissy, you've sure had a rough run of things lately! How scary that must have been. Well, keep your doors and windows locked !!!! And Stay Safe!!!!!!!!!!!
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WOW! That is a scary event. I hope everyone remains Ok and safe!
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OMG!! That is scary!!! I hope they find this guy or he never does it again!!!
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Keep safe please.
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How scary!!! My thoughts are with you. Poor lady, that had to be horrifying. At least he didn't do anything more than yell!! Stay safe Hissy!
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OMG - poor lady - there are just too many looneys
"running" around (pardon the pun)
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There are SOOOO manycrazies , out there, now! We have security doors, barred windows and a 9mm, in the nightstand. I hate the bars but, they came with the house and its difficult to remove them. CRIMINALS belong behind bars, NOT law-abiding people, like us.
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I agree, we have a security door in the front, and of course our German Shepherd who is a wonderful watchdog. We even take her everywhere we go, leave her in the truck with the windows down and she will allow no one near "HER" truck. She is not one of those annoying dogs who if you just brush up against the truck she attacks you, but stick your hand or arm inside of our truck and fear for your safety.

We live along a busy highway and we have had a few scares. I think the worse one was last year when a car stopped across the road and these 4 very unclean people got out. They came to the door -Mike wasn't home but Kenai was with me, thank God. They told me they had "run out of gas" wanted to use the phone. I have a cordless I told them I would get, and left Kenai on guard at the door. When I got back the woman begged me to let her in and use the bathroom. I told her she could go in the back and use the john in the barn. There was just something about these people I didn't like. The woman pleaded and begged, said she couldn't walk that far, and I don't know, I still had the phone in my hand and didn't like the looks they were giving each other. So I dialed 911 and told them I thought I had a situation here! They booked across the road, jumped into their car and sped away! If I hadn't had the security door, and Kenai, who knows what would of happened?
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