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Do cats get cold?

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Ok, here is the thing..... I live in New England where it gets really cold in the winter. I live on the third floor in my building so my house never gets very cold. It is usually about 60 degrees...... I have electric heat so I am trying to not use it unless I absolutly have to. My question is, are my cats suffering when it is only 60 degrees in my house? They seem to be fine to me but......... Let me know what you all think. If it is too cold, I will turn on the heat. Thanks all!
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If your not to cold then I would say your cats should be ok also. cats do like to be warm though. at least mine do. They love to lay on the electric blanket and sleep when its on at night. they also like to be covered up when they are sleeping.
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60 sounds cold to me, but I usually keep it around 75-80. I think that even if it's a little chilly for your cats, as long as they have blankets and warm places to cuddle up, they should be fine. I've found that they are good at keeping warm. The type of food you feed them is important if they are needing to keep warm as well, because they will burn more calories. I feed my Cupid a little more than recommended so he has the extra energy to burn.
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I would think that unless they are wet, then they are fine. If they feel the coldness in the air they will seek out warmth. It may be under a blanket or nestled in your lap, but I think they are ok at 60 degrees.
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I think they will be fine. To me, the problem is when there is a quick temperature change. So if you had been keeping the heat at 75, then decided to save money by lowering it to 60, it would be mean. But they have adjusted if that is how low you normally keep it, and will have grown thicker fur. They are probably more comfortable than you!
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Yup, I'd say if you're comfortable with that, the kitty should be too... and definitely make blankets and warm places available - kittie's body temperatures are naturally higher than ours (usually a little over 100*F), but I notice that Oliver will lay in different places to regulate his temperature: after being curled in the bean bag chair for a few hours, he'll sprawl on the tile bathroom floor for a little (which is cool under my feet).... I'm pretty sure he doesn't spend the whole nite curled up in bed with me too (he's there when i fall asleep and again when I get up, but i'm sure he goes about his business in between).... I live in central PA and am still switching to AC at night (not super cold) because I get very hot at night when I sleep and the little heat machine (aka Ollie) curled next to me makes that worse and he has no problems with the AC being on - doesnt even run under the covers or anything... the only time i've seen him shiver is when i'm drying him after his baths (heat's on then of course)
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I'm sure they will tell you if they feel cold!

Last night when I got home from work, the fire was cold, the heating hadn't yet come on and mine were definitely feeling cold. I got told about it for the hour or so it took to warm the house right up!
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Thanks everyone for your help! It is much appreciated!

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