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I Wonder.............

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My 2 girls are home all day while I'm at work. I wonder how they communicate with each other. When I am home they cuddle together, but I never see them "talk" to each other. Do cats talk to each other? Just wondering!
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They certainly call to each other. When Max is chasing Alfie all around the sofas (or vice versa) and one of them stops, the other will make a little chirrup as if to say 'come on then, where are you?'
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I hear Rosie and Sophie Chirrup to each other as well when they sniff at each other.

And i know they play chase in their bedroom while i'm at work because sometimes the blanket is halfway out of their bed that they lie in
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I've wonder that as well. With dogs too. Maybe they think so much alike, that they don't really need to talk?

Or maybe it's telepathy, like in movies.
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Cats not only verbally talk to each other, they give each other a lot of nonverbal cues using body language and facial expressions. These cues can be very subtle, so us humans don't often catch them. I've read that that's why cats who live with humans are usually FAR more verbal than their feral counterparts...since humans tend to only notice verbal communication, they've had to adapt & "speak" more often.

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What Amanda said.

There's a good section in the book "Outwitting Cats" by Wendy Christensen about how to interpret your cat's "body language."
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I'll look for that book this weekend, thanks!
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