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Any Ideas?

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I have a cat called Gerorge and for the last couple of days he's not been so well. We've had him about a year/and a half, he was a stray cat but had already been fixed. We think he's quite a young cat, likes to play, jump around etc. We do have another cat which was stray and we've had her around 5 years. Both cats go out at night times which is uaually around 12am and they get back in around 7-8am

But yesterday he didn't eat anything at all, I even did him some chicken and he didn't even eat that! But he was still walking around but seemed a bit unsettled at the night time, running to different spots to sleep.

But today he wasn't waiting at the back door like he usually is and didn't turn up until a few hours later (I didn't see). But dad said he was running in (like he normally does) but he still hasn't eaten/drinen anything and he's lying on the coffee table next to the radiator and isn't moving alot. To me, he feels a little stiffer than he usually does, and mum said she tried to stand him up but he wouldn't use his legs. His tails wagging and he moves a little like curls himself around a bit with his head back (like cats do) and he's stretch his back legs/toes out. He's just not been eating or moving around.

Now, last night there was this clear spit looking sick/thing in our passageway and we assumed it was our other cat because she's gagged early that night and I had put her out for a while, but now we're thinking maybe it was George.

Has anyone any ideas on what could be wrong? He's no cuts, no broken bones etc. Though the day before yesterday I'd put the cats out like I usually do but shortly after fireworks had started, it was only for 5 minutes and they were fairly loud, so I'm not sure if he's in shock or something from them, or maybe he's eaten something he shouldn't have? Oh, we put food out for the birds, we'd put some cheese and bread out and then we put some packet mash out for them too, but George didn't like the mash so I don't think that could have been it =S

If he's no better by tommorow we're going to phone the vet, for now we're letting him sleep because that seems to be all that he wants to do, so maybe he'll sleep it of or somthing
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If he is already not eating and showing signs of illness such as being lethagic - PLEASE DO NOT WAIT INTILL TOMORROW - Call the VET today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I agree, not eating for 2 days is serious. Cat's livers are very sensitive & they really shouldn't go very long with out any food. Please call your vet.
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This is a CRITICAL emergency. His symptoms are alarming by themselves, but on top of that cats quickly get severe liver damage (often irreversible and fatal) from not eating. He needs to go to the vet IMMEDIATELY. Find the nearest 24 hour vet hospital and go there right away.
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Have you taken him in yet? I fear some kind of internal injury... he may have been hit by a car. Poor baby... please let us know what happens!
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Our vets arn't so big over in the UK and I live in a small town, most vets are small only have 1-2 rooms. It's 10:34pm here and no vet is open and we don't have the transport to get to anywhere further.
He's been a bit better though but not much. He's gotten up a few times to turn around and lie down again and he sat up for 2-3minutes and has been getting a bit more alert to noise's and such. But his ears are quite cold and he still hasn't eaten or drank anything, he also hasn't been to the toilet all day either so I don't know if that's because he's not eaten anything.

Wouldn't he be in pain if he got hit by a car/crying? He had problems with one of his legs when we first got him but I don't think that's anything to do with what he's got now as he had treatment for that and was told to loose a bit of weight and it went away
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I need to say this again - this is a CRITICAL EMERGENCY and George may not be alive by morning if he does not get treated tonight. I do not mean to be harsh but his life depends on your finding a way to get medical care for him!

Find the nearest 24 hour vet hospital and borrow a car or get a friend to drive you or take a taxicab to get there.

If that is absolutely not possible, find the home phone number of a local vet and see if you can get him/her to make a late night house call.

Good luck. I hope George makes it.
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This morning he drank a bit of water! But it was only a little but it made me feel happier that he'd drank something but knew he still needed to see the vet so he went this afternoon and though she didn't know what it was she took his temperature and have him 2 injections, a anti-inflammatory and antibiotics and she originally wanted him to come back on Friday, but she then weighed him and he'd lost quite a bit of weight since he was last weighed and so shes moved it forward to tommorrow. But pretty much as soon as he got back home he'd ate some tuna and since then he's ate 2 more lots of tuna, some soft food and has been drinking some water. He also seems alot better all round, he's more interested in things and is alot more alert
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Hopefully, he will be okay now. Cats do not show pain, they are so low on the food chain, that they have learned to mask all their symptoms. Keep a sharp eye out on him and if he gets worse please take him back in.
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I'm so glad he's doing better! And especially glad he's eating. To help him regain the lost weight, you might try some KMR, Kitten Milk Replacer (or the UK equivalent). When my Clyde was sick, I warmed a little KMR, and he loved it... and as he got more interested in eating, I started mixing the KMR into his soft food and warming the whole thing.

Maybe I overdid it... Clyde's somewhat-too-ample backside is presently keeping me from using my mousepad... :-)
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how is George doing?
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